girlfriend problems

My girlfriend never invites me over to her house, I invite her to mine however. I think the reason is because her brother’s girlfriend and his friends are always there and she does not get along well with her brother also. This being said should I stop inviting her over to my place until she asks me over to hers or should I keep on inviting her over.

if she keeps coming over when you invite her, then keep inviting her, if you want to. once she’s at your place, ask if you can go to her place sometime and find out why she never invites you. if she’s coming to your place and you’re able to spend time with her, who cares where it’s at.

nah, keep her comin’. You’ll see her place evnetually. It might just be a mess, women are funny about that.

They aren’t funny about it, they’re ANAL.

Do you really want to ruin something good because she won’t invite you to her house i mean ask yourself buddy doesn’t it sound a little childish.

Is there an huge age diff? Race? Can you kick her brothers ass if it came down to it? What’s his friend’s lifestyles-drugs maybe? He might be over-protective esp, if it’s an older brother. It may take a while to gain his acceptance too. But if your bigger/stronger then I wouldn’t worry about him. Maybe the friends that hang out might be smoking up and she doesn’t want you to see it. Anyways, if you like her, I would continue to see her and if she still won’t invite you over after 3months, talk to her about it.