Girlfriend ? Partner? Whats the correct term?

Ok… at my age im not sure whats the correct term that is considered appropriate. In regards to addressing the woman i have been in a relationship with now for a bit of time.

On my end the notion of being called the term " Boyfriend " makes me cringe. Since im in grandpa age range.


On the side note… ive been warned never to call her “my old lady” since shes not a biker chic …lol

Reminds me of a very funny scene between two brothers in a very funny movie (American Fiction).

Thelonious ‘Monk’ Ellison: Who is that? What are you doing?

Clifford Ellison: I’ve taken a lover.

Thelonious ‘Monk’ Ellison: You’ve taken a lover?

Clifford Ellison: You got a problem with that, homophobe?

Thelonious ‘Monk’ Ellison: I’m not offended that you’ve taken a lover, Cliff. I’m offended, Cliff, that you call it ‘taking a lover.’

Clifford Ellison: Hmm. You can eat shit, nigga. I’m gonna take my lover right now.


Significant other


To others- Companion etc.

To eachother- anything goes.

Significant Other seems like pronoun territory though.

We started calling my one neices long term boyfriend “husbaint” just as a joke, but now they’re married so that joke kinda faded.

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Seriously though, I started dating again at 44 and I hated the thought of boyfriend/girlfriend as well.

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I just got current on how you’re supposed to talk about stuff like this.


We do it all for the nookie


I actually kinda forgot about that. That song had some funny implications when I started going to meetings. :rofl:

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Would it be odd if i asked her to call me Daddy? :thinking:

Most people I know just say “my other half”.

Sometimes people adjust it to “my better half” or something playfully derogatory depending on the audience.

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I think girlfriend can either be interperted as a potential marrage in the pipeline, or just a fun connection.

Like how partner can be seen as keeping people at arms length about whats going on in the relationship, or interpreted as a sign of respect and equality.

Those Janus words are tricky.

I agree with the other commentors, it’s your relationship, call it what you want.

Edit: Or maybe asking them what they would like to be referred to as would save a lot of mental energy on your part and keep things running smooth.

“Partner” is a homosexual term.

My preferred relationship pronoun is Turbo Lover.

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I would say that how I would refer to my “partner” and how she refers to me is our business and no one else has to like it.

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Hi, this is my bitch.

Gender neutral.

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Seeing Priest this Sunday

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Slam Piece
Rental Pig

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Someone like this comment for me please


She’s okay with you demeaning her by implying that you’re equals?

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I usually go with

bread knife
trouble and strife
The cook (only when she is out of earshot)
Better half
Minister for finance