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Girlfriend On Gear - Big Changes In Behavior


Hey guys,

This is a pretty sensitive and desperate post so please think before posting any unhelpful rubbish...

Long story short, I'm currently dating a girl who is a competitive bodybuilder and runs a bit of gear at lowerish dosages. Her behavior has changed substantially in the last 3 weeks and I can't fucking work out why. Google really is not going to help here.

She was running Primo 100mg/wk, Short acting Deca 50mg/wk when we first met with a bit of insulin every now and then. This was a 10-12 week cycle from memory.

She's recently dropped both compounds and now is on var 20mg/wk and just started equipoise 50mg/wk.

No I am not supplying her any of this.

These are all the dosages and compounds shes told me about so its the most accurate information I can go off.

She's currently cutting for a comp, low carb, cardio, all that shit, and her behavior and disinterest for the relationship has degraded substantially.

My question is, can gear fuck with a female partners head and completely change their temperament towards a relationship? The simplest way to explain it is she is 'like that shit boyfriend who doesn't pay his girlfriend attention, put any effort into the relationship and only cares about training + diet', but in this case its a chick.

Really chasing some real life experience on this one as I'm quite desperate to work out what the fuck is going on...



I have delt with somewhat similar issues. It could be that she is just really focused on her show. During prep you kind of get tunnel vision and extremely focused. Have you competed before? Have you tried talking with her about this?


A friend's wife is a figure competitor, she is sponsored by ON and another website. He has told me a couple times about her behavior when she is cutting for a show or shoot - increased irritability, moody, completely cuts him off sexually (she goes off the pill to reduce the bloat), etc. And this is a non-enhanced chick, now add the various side effects of male hormones to this.

I would say it is the hormones, and my advice would be to just ride the storm out if you can. Once she is off the contest prep and back to 'normal', that is when I would approach her for dialogue. If she is in a 'don't give a fuck' mood about the relationship, I would bet anything you try to discuss with her will sound like whining to her. If you want to stay with her longer to at least see where it is going, that is my advice.

On a side note, I am guessing she is horny as fuck most of the time. Just grudge fuck the shit out of her while she is into it, and then talk about the relationship when she comes back down.


it's not the gear alone, like others said, she is focused 100% and isn't able to give you necessary attention. It's something you'll need to learn with time, everyone that have a relationship with a bodybuilder need to understand that the world turns around she or he... doesn't matter, man or woman, bodybuilding is a individualist world. Some bodybuilders can disguise a little better than others, and look like he/ she is normal, but... NO! Understand her and be aware of the sacrifice involved, or leave. Being prep for a competition is even worst, stress, less food, increasing doses, using some fat burners, causing less rest, restricting everything around you it's not a good place to be. If you like her, stay by her side.


post back here a week or two after her show is done

contest prep can be a real bitch


Yeah you cant really take it personally but it does suck for sure. Unless shes just like that all the time then fuck that


My guess would be its the low carbs more than the gear. Everyone sucks when they're cutting