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girlfriend on fat fast

My girlfriend has been training for about a year and has not seen the results that she has been looking for, so tomorow she starts the fat fast diet. Currently she is 5’2" and 130lbs at roughly 20% bf. What’s interesting is that she has extremely lean legs, ass, and fairly lean arms all her fat is around her waist. What I have put together for her for diet and supps is as follows. Two 30g protein shakes with 1 Tbls of flax oil, two 20g shakes with 2 tspoons of flax oil and two eggs with 2 slices of bacon. Every meal will include 2 fish oil capsules. For supps she will be taking 4 T2 (original) and three e/c type fat burners per day along with 2 servings of methoxy7 to minimize catabolism. Weight training will be M,W,F the new EDT for fat loss followed by 15min of high intensity aerobics. Tuesday Thursday and Saturday she will be doing 45min of tae bo as it fits the qualifications of HIIT. Does anyone have any suggestions or alterations they would make?

help please

The fat fast may be a bit extreme for her. It will take a lot of dedication for her to “starve” herself on that plan as well as only eat protein shakes and flaxseed oil. What type of training and diet has she used for the past year?

I think EDT for fat loss is a good program, but I hope you have considered her overall goal. I personally think Renegade Training is one of the best ways to get lean because you can still eat normal food, and you will shed fat with the quickness. Yes, it’s brutal, but I’d rather go through brutal training and be able to eat plenty of regular food, rather than go through hard training and an almost impossible diet to follow. I don’t know about you, but if I take more than two shakes a day, I get real sick of them real quick. Two shakes and four or five regular meals suits me much better. I like the taste of real food. And being a female, your girl may have problems sticking to it as well. Also, I think it’s better to follow nutritionally sound eating rather than an extreme diet that you will only follow for a short period of time. It’s best to have sound eating habits in order to keep the weight off once it is lost.

In all honesty, I would use more whole foods. Unless this girl is a hardcore body builder, there is no real reason for her to have to choke down all those shakes with only one “real” meal per day.

A 40g shake has about 200 calories, almost all protein, but it's not very good or very filling. You could eat an omlette made from 10 egg whites for about the same calories, and walk away pretty satisfied with your meal.

The fat fast is not generally an enjoyable meal, but there are things you can do to make it suck a lot less. I had a female friend of mine on a modified fat fast using mostly whole foods, and she lost a lot of weight, and it went pretty well for her.

One other suggestion I would make is to be absolutely certain to use a fiber supplmement. No fiber is not good for the body. Add in a table spoon, if not more, of powdered psyllium husk to every shake. That should keep things healthy.

Hope this helps.

I considered renegade training but she didn’t like the program and said she would be more willing to do extreme dieting than “weird training”. Another thing, would bromocriptine be more beneficial than say MD6?

I’d add refeeds.

cardawg, it’s funny that you mention Bromo, as I have just finished reading Lyle’s book on it.

From what I gather from the book, it would be unwise and likely unsafe to take bromo while ingesting almost no carbs. If you do opt to go with the fat fast, MD6 is a better choice.

However, I think that there is a lot to bromo, and I intend to try it myself. What you could do is try a moderate carb diet, and just reduce calories a lot. The bromo, coupled with the methoxy-7, should help her retain almost all of her LBM.

Start with a very low dose of bromo (roughly 1.25mg/day) and work your way up. Ultimately it may turn out to work a lot better than the Fat Fast, and, because she's still eating carbs, will not have to worry about any rebound effect. However, she may want to taper off bromo, as she will notice a huge surge in appetite if she just stops cold.

I suggest getting the book before starting anyone on bromo, but if I can help you further please let me know. Hope this helps.

I really can’t imagine how anyone can do the Fat Fast. Ick. I’m with Nate Dogg on this one in regards to needing more whole foods. While I’m not in a position to judge your GF’s body type, it seems to me that if she has those stats and very/fairly lean limbs, she may just be cursed with a genetic predisposition to storing fat on her torso. That may seem like a cop-out answer but it is something to consider. How would either/both of you feel after 6 months of this hellish diet/workout routine and little to no improvement? I’m not being a smartass but cosmetic surgery may be an option (only after exhausting all diet/workout possibilities) to consider if this is an issue that continues to bug her.

Ease her into the T2 and e/c/a burners - I had my wife on 2 T2 per day, and it made her hyper, which she hated. Switching to T2 Pro took care of it, but it made her hesitant to take other supps I recommended after that. I could also only get her to drink a couple of shakes a day (and that only because Grow tastes so good), so I would grill steak or fish for her each night. She was close to your girl (5’1", 134, 28%) but untrained. After 12 weeks of fat fast and meltdown she was 113 at 14%.

First of all, karma, cosmetic surgery? This chick has only been training for a year, how could someone lose bodyfat that has been around longer than a year within that short amount of time?

Remember this: first on, last off. If that midsection has been carrying fat for a good portion of your gf's lifetime, than it will be the last fat to come off. It seems patience is something that is needed here. And extreme dieting will only make her frustrations more obvious and hinder any progress. She needs to learn about diet/nutrition that will be beneficial for her for this new lifestyle. And it is a lifestyle. It's longterm. She needs to also change her attitude about weight training. Or training in general. Afterall, the training is going to increase her LBM which in turn will increase her metabolism which will assist in burning off that pesky midsection. Combine that with a new/improve diet and your gf will be rewarded with even more gains.

She doesn't need anything radical at this point. "How to Build A T-Vixen" or "Beginners Blast Off Program" are the two articles she desperately needs to read. As well as both of you need to read Chris Shugart's "Heirarchy of Needs".

I guess I should have made it more clear in my post that cosmetic surgery COULD be an OPTION to CONSIDER after EXHAUSTING ALL DIET/EXERCISE POSSIBILITIES. There. Maybe that’ll get through. It is just an option, and a viable one for some people. Not everybody has the ability/time/commitment/interest in dedicating their life to bodybuilding and living contest to contest. Some folks just want to look good nekkid. And if your goal is to look good nekkid and you’ve got 5-20k to blow, what better investment is there than investing in yourself? And I won’t get started on a reasonable time frame for loosing weight. Guess my loosing 60lbs (that I carried for over three years) in about 8 months just doesn’t compute for some folks. Alas, but who am I to have an opinion on things?

I confess to assuming (bad ~karma~, bad ~karma~) that cardawg was well enough acquainted with Testosterone that he’s done the research, read the FAQ, read the quadrillions of articles, and is somewhere near desperation to get results for his chickie. Maybe it had to do with the extremity of the whole Fat Fast part of it. Anyway, of course he/she should read all those wonderful articles and of course the results will follow!

No one is recomending that she become a competitive bodybuilder. And as far as the time commitment, she is already spending way more time in the gym than Patricia and I COMBINED, and going on a radical diet plan to boot. And as far as surgery goes, 5-20k versus simple diet and workout modifications, sound pretty radical to me.

Cardawg- She needs to change her attitude towards weightlifting. She also does not need any hardcore routines like renegade training or meltdown. She also needs to eat REAL food. Shakes are for convenience, not a replacement. You are in our area, we would be glad to help.

Just to add a few things:

I wouldn’t even bother adding the EC stack UNTIL she has her diet and training down. Also, make sure that it is just an EC stack, as the aspirin does more harm than good (contrary to aircal’s recommendations).

I, too, have read Lyle’s book, and agree with John’s recommendations. However, given her weight, I would start even lower than 1.25mg per day. She can definitely expect some sort of side effects. I would assume that a lower dosage would be a better decision in light of these side effects. I’d go with under 1mg for 4-5 days and up it to 1.25mg for a week or two before going with the full tablet (2.5mg).

In hopes of avoiding stepping on any toes in regards to the cosmetic surgery issue, I will say that it really disappoints me to ever hear the word “liposuction” mentioned on this forum. T-Mag is about embracing a healthy lifestyle and achieving goals through hard work-not finding quick fixes. I regularly work with women with 40+% BF, and would never think of recommending cosmetic surgery. While there may be a place for such surgery after dramatic fat loss has occurred (to attend to excess skin), the thought of a woman at 20% visiting a plastic surgeon makes me shudder. Props to Karma for clarifying her remarks, though.

I just wanted to touch on what Eric said. Although starting at a lower dosage is always an option, and in this case a good idea, if you opt to do so it would actually have nothing to do with her weight.

Bromocriptine is a supplement of the brain, and the body only indirectly. If you remember, Lyle addressed this in reference to taking more. Here's a quote from the book:

And just because you're a huge athlete or bodybuilder, don't think you need to use more. Your brain is about the same size as everyone else's (insert obligatory joke about athletes and brain size here), even if your body is much larger. Since bromocriptine is working at the brain, you don't need more of it just because you're big."

So, again, while starting with a lower dose of bromo, should you decide to use it, is not a problem at all, just be aware that it has very little to do with body weight.

Hope this helps.

I stand corrected. Good find, JR. I should have read more carefully. Still, though, I think that 1.25mg is too high for anyone.

the cool thing about the fat fast is that because it is so extreme… if you stick with it and do it you feel as though you could do any other diet there is. I mean how hard is it to give up extra candy or potatoe (haha) chips after you’ve spent 6 weeks eating oil.

Thanks guys and gals, I really apriciate the input. The reason I setled on the fat fast diet is because first of all it seems like it will work, and my girl really enjoys low carb grow. On a side not I only eat 2 solid meals per day and I drink 5 shakes because of time restrictions at my job, but i digress. She is extremely disciplined and desperately wants that fat gone around the midsection. The results that she has had the past year have been outstanding not only in body composition changes but also in strength. Today was her first day on and she didn’t have any complaints yet, I’ll keep you updated with how the progress goes.

Not to belabor what may be an obvious point, but has your GF been keeping a food log for a year to go along with her training? If not, there’s the problem.

If I were you I’d just have her track her intake, get an average daily calorie count, then subtract maybe 350-500 cals per day and see what happens. She’ll lose weight, guaranteed.