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Girlfriend Losing Water but not Fat?

Hey Everyone,

Reading that Fat Burner Fraud article got me thinking that my girlfriend may be losing a lot of water but no fat.

She has been on a modified T-Dawg 2.0 for about three months. According to the scale she has lost about ten pounds in that time. However, i think it is all water. Her stats are now 4’11" 124lbs. Not sure about BF%, she is getting it checked on Tuesday. Thing is i dont really see a visual difference in her body composition. I would think that ten pounds would be noticable.

The reason i think it might just be all water weight is because for a two week period she was busy on business and couldnt really stick to her eating regimen. Her weight went right back to 132 lbs. But then after she came back home and starting hitting the gym again it was back to 124lbs within a week or so.

You can check out the original thread on this here: http://t-forums.t-mag.com/frameit.jsp?target=/readTopic.do?id=421308

Her pants are feeling alot looser around the waist, she just would like to see more fat loss on her arms, stomach, legs etc.

Maybe we are just being impatient and her metabolism is really stubborn. I figure if the weight keeps going down that fat loss has got to start occurring sometime.

She is happy that the numbers are going down on the scale, but would like to see more visual difference.


I’d doubt seriously she had 10 pounds of water to lose. Maybe 3-4, but not 10. Low carb diets can drop you 3-4 pounds in a few days (water weight). Maybe if she was on her period. That’s makes a difference.

i’m not sure if this applies, because everyone is different, but i’m around the same weight and there’s no way i could lose 10 pounds of water. maybe 2 or 3 max. the only way to really know if a good body fat test. since you don’t have a previous one, just test it now and try again in the future. chalk the last few weeks up to experience.

She went and got a BF % measurement today. At a height of 4’11" she is now at 124lbs 28.4 bf. This is down from 132lbs 33% bf three months ago.

Tones, that’s awesome!! tell her congrats. i would say that’s a great sign of her progress. measurements can also help, if you keep track of those, and a log of her workouts (weight lifted etc.). it’s fun to look back on it and see how far you’ve come.
great work!

Anton, at higher BF percentages changes in visual appearance are minimal. About all you notice is that you can fit into a smaller pant or dress size. The more the BF% drops, the more dramatic the changes in visual appearance for a given amount of weight.

Hang tough and keep up the good work!