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Girlfriend lied about being pregnant

I’ve been stressed the past few months about my ex being pregnant. She wanted to get an abortion, but was keeping me at bay about when and where she was going to do it. I told her I would be supportive and I would take her through the whole process. She dragged the whole thing on from the end of October till last week. I believed everything she said because if she was telling the truth I would stand behind her in her decision. Now I find out she was lying about this just to get back with me. I thought I could be a friend to this girl. Now I’m pissed because I Know she was lying about the whole thing. I still want to be friends with this girl. If someone lies to you do you just say fuck off (IN THIS CASE?)

That’s the harshest thing I’ve ever heard. Sue for emotional damage.

This shows not only a desperation, but a total lack of morals. Trust has definitely been broken. You can be friends with this girl, but you’re going to ALWAYS take everything she says with a ton of salt.

Still be friends? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Now that’s just dumb. Man, if someone did that to me, I’d give her a piece of my mind and forget all about her once I was done. No communication, no friendship, not recognition of her existence. I had an ex tell me she was pregnant just to try and keep me around. When I found out she was lying (made her take a pregnancy test), she confessed! I kicked her ass out and never looked back. Don’t play stupid games. It’s not worth it. And don’t remain friends with people who are obviously untrustworthy.

Ok, put down the pipe and step away from the Crack. Are you fucking nutz? You want to be with in the same county as a bitch who lied about being pregnant. There is a word for bitches like that it’s called PSYCHO. If your need drama and unnecessary tension in your life keep talking to this bitch otherwise kick her to the curb or else you may find a bunny boiling on your stove next…

LOL! Yep, that’s what I called her and refer to her to this day. PYSCHO! Don’t stick with pyscho’s! They aren’t worth the hassle no matter how hot, or how good you think the p***y is!

Do you really want to invest your valuable time into a friendship that will give you nothing in return? It’s hard enough to devote the proper amount of time to friends that deserve it without wasting energy on some loser. Kick her to the curb.

Ah you need to kick her to the curb and move on with YOUR life.

The girl’s crazy. She doesn’t care about you, because if she did, she would not have put you through all of that. The girl is obsessed and needs to be kept away from you, for both your own good and hers as well. My question for someone in that mindset is what would she have done if you got back together with her? Told you she had a miscarriage? But obsessed exes and people desperate to get with you sounds like a good thread…

I’m surprised you even ask this question. Here I am, being one of the few people around here to believe (and have confirmed through reality) that you can maintain friendships with an ex (even to the point of setting them up with your best friend) or with a person of the opposite sex, but here I am telling you that this if FUCKED up. In order to have a friendship there has to be at least a modicum of trust and respect between the parties. There is obviously none here. Why be an emotional tampon for unbalanced personality?

I’m sorry you went through that. There is no excuse for that. Here is how you should deal with it.
First, call her every hour on the hour from different phones. Say things like, “Hey, are you still up?” or “Can I come over?” Never show up. Keep her awake. No REM sleep. Every half hour, send her gorilla-gram messages in ancient Hebrew. When she is close to emotional and physical collapse, announce that you have just taken a pregnancy test. Say, thankfully, it was negative. Do this at least once a week. For example, call on Tuesday night and announce with obvious relief, “Thank God, it was negative.” Then do it the next Wednesday morning and say how worried you were that it was going to be positive. Buy her odd presents like a single sock. You could also give her a picture of your apartment manager. Finally, you could keep trying to give her bottled air.
Good luck.

Okay, remind me not to piss you off, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands.

I have to go with what Eggnog said. That shit really made me laugh but I am a firm believer in don’t get mad get even, sure it is childish but you feel so much better. Some girl played this trick on my freind some years ago. Took it so far that she was planning the wedding and told his mom and family. After he found out the truth he called her back and told her he needed to let her know that he had just found out that he had the aids virus. It was not true but it does get someones attention until they get the test back. Now on a different note, you want to be freinds with this girl? Have you heard of masterbation? Sex is not a good trade off for physcho wench. Get yourself a reliable prostitute or something. Gees.

I too, must congradulate Eggnog on a superb program design. Furthermore, I would leave odd and cryptic emails. Example: “I’m sorry honey. I just cannot afford to deal with briskett anymore. There will be peace once we are in heaven. Love, Maurice.” You could also send her baby shower notices each year w/ an RSVP and cancellation date each time.

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That would be a great handle on the forum “Reliable Prostitute.” Good work.

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