Girlfriend Is Showing Interest

Girlfriend is showing some interest in working out, she is already in fairly good shape but she is starting to gain a little bit of weight that she wants to get rid of.

I want to help her out. She 5’5" probably around 125 maybe 130

I was thinking of just getting her a decent diet plan and onto the cardio machines in our building to start off.

I’m just not sure how many calories a girl her size would need to eat? Also how often do you guys have cheat days. She loves chocolate cake and I know there is no way she’ll stick to it without cheat days lol.

Also I don’t want to drop calories super low on her so she is cranky. Just kind of a more healthy way of eating as she doesn’t eat much through the day and then she will come home eat a big supper, and always be craving cake or something.