Girlfriend Hung Herself

Title explains it.

Found out from her sisters few hours ago, she’s in intensive care at the moment in a coma but it doesn’t look. She’s a short plane away and I’ll most likely be heading down soon to be by her side.

She’s only 18 and I’m 20.

She just moved down to a big city 3000km away from her parents and lived with her older sister in their house while she started a degree. I was with her last week and only flew back to my home 24 hours before she did it. She was so upset with her life and missing her mother and hating school I should have seen it coming, I could have stayed too I have 2 weeks off work.

I feel like it is my fault too Only reason I flew down her parents were coming down for 2 days and the dad doesn’t like me so I came home, although i could have organised some other accommodation if I really wanted too.

Has anyone else gone through anything similar? I don’t know what I’m trying to achieve with this post but I feel really lost. thanks.

jesus dude, sorry to hear that.

In HS, my GF at the time took a bunch of benadryl, put her in the hosptial for extended stay on suicide watch but also for therapy.

Good luck.

easy to say, but don’t blame yourself, for someone to do something like that there are deep issues going on, not something you staying a few extra days would have helped/prevented.

Sorry kid, will be praying for you

With all due respect my friend, a mental health counselor may be better suited to help you in this time of need. Going in to see a psychotherapist isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

I wish you the best of luck. Stay positive.

Thanks, only found out a few hours ago and its 1am so just weighing everything up, didn’t know who else to ask and stuff

I’ve had a close family attempt it twice as well, sometimes the person needs counseling, and sometimes the person actually needs medication. And I’m usually anti-medication, but not for in every case that’s for sure.

[quote]howie424 wrote:
With all due respect my friend, a mental health counselor may be better suited to help you in this time of need. Going in to see a psychotherapist isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

I wish you the best of luck. Stay positive.[/quote]

I beg you please to listen to this advice. It will have hidden effects on you for a long time if you don’t.

wow, man. there are no words that could help in this situation. I have never had to deal with anthing remotely like this.


Thanks, I think I’m going to have to see someone for this, the next 48 hours are going to be tough


Man, this is heavy news to bear here, but especially for you.
I hope and pray for a miracle for you both and your families.

[quote]Derek542 wrote:
Sorry kid, will be praying for you[/quote]

X2, it’s not your fault.

Hold on in there buddy, and go see someone as mentioned.

Just remember, it is NOT your fault; don’t go thinking shit like “what could I have done?”, “why didn’t I see it coming?”, etc. - one of the terrible things about depression is that depressed people are VERY good at hiding their intentions, I know from experience.

My thoughts are with the both of you, hoping for the best.

Man thats terrible!

I hope she will be ok and I hope you will be to…

Keep the head up and stay strong

sorry man :frowning: I lost a cousin to suicide 2 years ago this may…I can’t really offer a lot other empathy…there’s no real way for a stranger to make it feel better.

Listen son, this is in now way, shape or form your fault. I understand the pain you are feeling very well. There are many reasons why someone builds up to an attempt at suicide. Loved ones are not to blame, please realize that. Within the mind of a person considering suicide a whirlwind of thoughts have taken place that spun out of control and very little could have been done to prevent it. It is not their fault either, life sometimes just overwhelms a person, especially a young one.

Many survivors claim afterwards that they are utterly surprised at why they made the attempt and are very happy that they are in fact alive to move on. And realize as well that considering suicide is rarely something you see coming, even professionals have trouble recognizing the signs.

You are showing a lot of maturity by sharing your pain with others and talking about it. Please continue to do so but do not fall into the guilt trap. From your post it is obvious you love her and that you are a loving person.

One more important thing; don’t forget to take care of yourself, OK? Don’t let your thoughts spin out of control. Ask for help when the pain gets too much. Be around people who love you. Don’t give in to anger about this, let that flow through you.

Good luck and stay strong,


stay strong dude. You are responsible for you, take care of yourself man.

I really feel for you. Maybe you should spend some time on this website:

To help you get through these terrible times. Good luck.

Thanks for the replies, it does feel hard not to blame my self with the what if’s and stuff but I know I can’t change anything, really appreciate the feedback its helped more then you could imagine.

I dealt with suicide nearly three years ago and theirs not much anyone could’ve done as he was the LAST person you’d think would do it. Nothing wrong with getting help and most definitely stay around your friends/family, I found training/going to the gym helped for a few days after.

Sorry brother.

As already advised please see a professional about this.

Best wishes to both of you. And never blame yourself for this.