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Girlfriend has NO sex drive

I dont know wtf is wrong with her. she has no sex drive what so ever. she gets horny like once every 3 months. it is really starting to piss me off. i really like her and all, but i can’t take this anymore. everything else about her is perfect. if only she was 3,000,000x hornier! anyone have any suggestions? she does gymnastics 6 days a week for 4 hours a day. i think this might be part of the problem. anyone else have a similar situation and if so what did you do?

I am not an expert on this, but I know that female atheltes can exercise so much, and lose so much weight that it messes up their hormones and they stop menstruating. This also does very bad things to their bone density. If your girlfriend is very thin, you might wabnt to warn her of this and have her get checked out medically as this may be affecting more then her sex drive.

I remember reading somewhere, that the treatment was to give some controlled doses of testosterone. I bet if you do a search on the web you can find. IT HAS TO BE DONE BY SOMEBODY QUALIFIED TO PRESCRIBE THE CORRECT DOSE. I remember sometime back some joker was giving his girlfriend steroids without her knoweledge.

My last girlfriend was like that. I dumped her. It got too frusturating. And believe me, I tried to work this out many times. In your case, I bet her high level activity could have something to do with it. Try talking to her about it. See what’s up. Could be some communication issues. You won’t know until you sit down and talk.

Also, I don’t know how demanding gymnastics is but if weightlifters are advised by experts to keep workouts down to an hour or so, and she works out 4 hours/day 6 days/week then her cortisol level may be sky high. Making sure of her nutrition is a start (most women do not get enough protein). Also basic supplementation would be helpful: Twinlab daily two without iron, vitamin C (1.5-3 grams ASCORBATES/day e.g. calcium and/or magnesium ascorbate not ascorbic acid in divided doses), glutamine (to help her recovery), and phosphatidyl serine to supress cortisol levels.
I defer to the people on this site for doses of phosphatidyl serine and glutamine but probably at least 2g glutamine/day (empty stomach) and probably 300-400 mg phosphatidyl serine before the workouts.

Talking with her is the first step, It could be a very low testosterone level, a blood test maybe an idea, there are lots of herbal remedies that may help… yohimbe, horny goat weed…many others.

Damn! Samir beat me to it, I was going to recommend dumping some d-bols in her drinks while she wasn’t looking!! lol…

There are some birth control pills (if she is on them) that sap the sex drive down to nothing, i don’t have the name right now but I’ll check with the lady and get the name, I feel for ya bud

You could always spike her drinks with some winny–HA HA!

A couple of things to check: first of all the body fat/menstration thing that Newby brought up is very true. If she doesn’t have enough fat then she isn’t mestrating, and if she isn’t she has no hormones to make her horney. the pill ‘flattens’ the normal cycle also, so the benifit of knowing exactly the timing of the period is balanced by a lowering of sex drive and often bouts of depression. is she an elite athlete? why is her workout level so high? (just curious) i’ll tell you something that always works for me…spend some time focusing completely on her. give her a massage or foot rub, make her feel very ralaxed and comfortable. (this always puts me in the mood) the first time just do it and then go to bed…maybe a day or two later, do it again and this time go a bit ‘further’ DON’T try to ‘score’ the first (or ossibly the second) time…she’ll see it and think you’re only being nice to get some. i’ll bet a few nights of ‘special attention’ will get you the attention you crave… and no i’m not implying that you don’t already give her attention, but this could work!

Hey frustrated. i feel your pain man,I’ve been through taht kind of relationship… the condition Newby was refering to is called amenorreha, it occurs in women who overstress themselves with activity. It is very high in female runners. It messes up the menstrual cycle pretty bad and it is 1 /3 of the female triad (amenorreha,osteoperosis and eating disorders). The gymnastics may be at fault With 1 part may come another so try not to approach her forcefully, but as a concerned boyfriend, maybe schedule an appointment. Best of luck, Mike

Hey, come on guys, get it right. It was Winny and from personal experience I would not recommend that anyone else try this.

You’re not alone there, mate. I’ve got the same problem. But, then again, I’m married…
Could it be that you’re just too ugly for her to get turned on? That’s what my missus tells me, anyway.
Seriously, has it always been like this? If not, she might just be exhausted, That’s a lot of gymnastics. Also, I hear women with low BF% (like 15 and under) have such problems.
Also, do not underestimate the powerful, yet misunderstood effects of alcohol.

I’m not trying to sound like a saint or anything but it sounds like the main reason your in this relationship is for the sex if this is so then maybe you should find someone else. Other wise just be thankful for the times she is banging you

Dump her. If you want to give her a chance, then explain to her that it isn’t fair to either of you for you to put more intensity out than she is willing to give back. Its not fair to her and not fair to you. Wish her luck and tell her she too will be happier when she finds someone who has the same intensity level as her. Then don’t call, fight the urge. Go out with someone else ASAP. she will crawl back and throw down, but it may be temporary, don’t use this more than 2x.

I don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all, but it seems obvious to me that she is too damned exhausted to have sex. She is way overtraining!!!