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Girlfriend Deadlifting Video


Here is a video of my girlfried who goes by the name of Jada on this site doing some DL singles. She has just started training a bit heavier than she is used to. A former college swimmer who is extremely strong. This video is of her pulling 210#. She weighs 130. Enjoy



It's always nice to see females going heavy. Impressive.


Impressive. She should give DW lessons on form.


Who is DW?


Good effort. Her hips are rising prior to the bar breaking the floor, though. Make sure that she's firing the heels into the floor. Also, you might consider taking the weight down a bit and having her focus on pulling SLOWLY on the initial phase of the lift. It'll teach her to keep her butt down and learn the proper knee and hip angles from which to initiate the pull. She's just a little too high at set-up right now. Other than that, it looks great! I'd say she's a keeper. :slightly_smiling:


I completely agree with you on her hips being too high. Also with her set up at the start. When we looked at the video afterward we talked about it. Being a former HS football coach, cathcing it on video is a great way to teach it. She was able to see what I was saying while looking at it with me. Still a nice pull in my eyes. Even though I'm biased.LOL


DieselWeasel - a lot of guys on the forum gave him shit for sacrificing form for weight on... well, every lift he does.

Cool deadlift for Jada, near-perfect form, lots of weight.

Get her some wrestling shoes though. She could have had 20 or 30 more pounds without the elevated heels, they were pitching her forward something fierce. Unless you're going for that, a quad-dominant sort of thing.



Nice work! Most females are "afraid" of deadlifts sadly... She is proof heavier weights won't make you "look like a man."

I agree, this video needs to be shown to Diesal before the kid hurts himself.


Great work. That gym looks like it's got some excellent equipment. Where is it?


That was great!
You can tell how happy she was with the lift too.

That reminded me of when my wife got her form down real well.

It's always good to see the ladies deadlifting heavy, hell you don't realy get to see many guys doing it in most gyms.

I'll have to show that one to my wife, she gets inspired with videos like that.



Nope, they just give you a nice pair of legs and a smokin' ass. I wish more girls did deadlifts like you two, :wink:.


We are in central New Jersey. It is a private training studio that we train clients one on one or in groups.


I must say my girl has a great ass:)


Great technique. She did a nice negative too. Get her some chalk and some shorts and a belt and she'll be pulling 300.



You guys need to chill with the anti-DW rhetoric. It's getting very old. BTW, I did a 445 deadlift, earlier today. :slight_smile:


The lift is definetly very impressive. Congratulations to her for all the hard work she had put in to getting this far. Out of the three big lifts I think that seeing a girl do a heavy deadlift is by far the hottest. Maybe its because its the most uncommon lift you see girls doing. She is definetly a keeper. I am actually trying to get my girlfriend to deadlift. Oh and bonus points for her being a swimmer.


Way to ruin my High, I was all pumped because my wife did 4x8 sumos last night with 135, she's about 120lbs. Tell Jada great job.

As for her form it still looked MUCH better than most people I have seen in action.


Dude thats 8 reps your talkin about. There is a bit of a difference doing 8reps and 1rep. You should be proud of her. Totally different amount of volume. I think thats a great job and you should be proud to have a wife that trains like that.


Yeah, I was just thinking she has a great set of kettlebells....I mean, the GYM, the gym owns a great set.

Seriously though, nice lift.


Nice lift! Looked solid all the way through. You can see it's difficult but it looked clean and mechanical (for lack of a better descriptor), didn't look like she was struggling at all. Is that her max deadlift?