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Hey Girlfriend - hows your androsol cycle going?


Hi BigChief. It is going very well,I started on the 15th, and I am up 10lbs on my bench and 15 on my squat. My weight is about the same,but I feel “harder” -I did not increase my calories, but I do try to get in about 150gms of protein a day, I weigh 135. No “hairy” side effects as yet. Sex drive is good, but I think Tribex was stronger in that department. My voice is a litttle hoarse in the morning, but it seems to go back to normal later in the day and it is wintertime, a lot of people are slightly hoarse right now. I am doing 7 sprays a day. I was wondering if I should cycle the same as you guys since I don’t have to worry about natural T shutdown as much, but for now I guess I will go with the bottle directions.

Sounds as if your androsol cycle is working well. Just wanted to comment that although true you needn’t worry about T suppression, you may still want to cycle just to give the body a break. And cycling may be a better long term strategy as the body often seems to like to grow in spurts so that growth often follows its own cycles. Also, growth seems to be quicker at the start of a new cycle after the body has recuperated and adjusted and then hit hard again. Good luck with your cycles.

For women, from the standpoint of lowest risk of
virilization, or lowest effect, for any
given amount of anabolic effect, cycling is
not the best approach, but rather a steady low dose.

Let’s say for example that a woman wants
to use 2.6 grams of Primo per year.

That could be 50 mg per week every week.

Or if she prefers to do two 8-week cycles,
a pattern of cycling that could make good
sense for a man, then she would be taking
162 mg/week.

First, the more-continuous approach would
have better results for most of the time.

Second, the lower dose is much more likely
to be below the “threshold” where virilization
occurs. The higher dose may be above that threshold. 52 weeks of zero virilizing effect beats 16 weeks of some virilizing effect.

So Bill, how many weeks do you think I should do this for?,and does 7 sprays a day sound good for a longer cycle? My goal is mostly strength as I seemed to have plateaued. Like everyone else, I would like to replace some bodyfat with muscle, but I am not too far off my goal with that. Many thanks for you’re response.

If a woman is going to use Androsol (which
I don’t recommend) then 7 sprays per day
is a reasonable guess for correct dose. If it’s not causing a virilization problem then off weeks really aren’t an issue. If you’re definitely below the “threshold” where virilizing effects occur, you’re below the threshold and nothing adverse is happening.

For example, ordinarily speaking (taking nothing) you have about 1/10th the level of testosterone that a man has. Twenty years of this, or whatever, will not grow a beard for you or change your voice… but a very short time at 100% the level of man very well might, even though the total amount of androgen is far less.

Thanks for your quick response Bill!