Girlfriend and BF%

My girlfriend is interested in cutting down on bodyfat.

She has a very active life style, she runs every morning for 15 minutes up hill, and Fridays and Mondays she does active dance. For 1 1/2 hours.

Would this diet suit her to trim down?

Morning 7am
Half a cup of oats, water.

Apple, water

Small portion of rice and half a chicken breast

Large Apple, 2 rice cakes

DANCE 6.30-8

Rice, half a chicken breast

10.30pm (before bed)
Smoothie with berries, apple chunks, and a bananna.

Between 9pm and 10.30pm some mixed nuts (not my own)

Cardio every morning with boyfriend before running.

Okay, is this acceptable?
Should she eat anything between 12.30 and 5.30?
Should she up the protein intake?
Protein shakes can be introduced.

She is not interested in building alot more muscle, she just wants to get toned.

Thanks alot,
Your getting a guy out of trouble here.


I think it’s terrible idea to plan out your girlfriend’s meals. I think it’s a worse idea to plan the diet such that you’re starving her. Probably even a worse idea yet that as part of her meager rations you’re including rice which is pure processed carbs and little other nutritional value.

I think a better idea would be to lead by example. You eat several small meals a day. You take in whole grains, protein, healthy fat and much much more vegetables. And don’t be terrified of variety.

That diet is terrible. I mean, fucking awful.

Four meals without protein, no fat at all, no veggies, no good PWO plan, and no strength training.

Cardio before running, then dance? That sounds like a recipie for a flabby girlfriend.

Go to and look at some of the articles they have there. Better yet, make her go look and get involved with the women over there to provide some personal encouragement and feed back from women who know what to do.

More protein! 5 meals a day, cut complex carbs, kill drinking anything with calories higher than 0. Direct her to some of Berardi’s stuff. And make her draw up the plan.

way more fat and fiber, way less carbs especially rice

She wants to build ALOT MORE MUSCLE with that diet. Maybe if she is a hamster.
If she is a human, she would probably get very sick on that diet and activity level.


Like everyone else is saying, way more fat and protein. In order to get the look she wants more muscle is the only way to get more tone. I’m obviously making some assumptions here without her picture.

She does not need to worry about too much muscle. It takes so much work for a woman to get just a bit.

Don’t be afraid of fat!