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Girlfriend 1RM'ed 52.5kg Workout Before, Struggles with 45kg for 4-6

I was getting her to do 85% now I’m not sure and this isn’t to offend anyone, if I can push women as hard as men because when I was on this plan I did a 92.5kg bench then did 85% 6x80kg on Bench, I will also not she was in a really bad mood at the day of the gym and was very vague about what she ate…

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Could be any of a huge number of things.

If you’re coaching her it’s on you to figure it out. Could be on your end with poor programming, her end e.g. with poor diet/sleep or maybe it’s a poor communication between coach/athlete e.g. athlete needs to inform the coach of their condition and coach needs to be aware and modify training accordingly.


It’s the other way around, women can use higher percentages of their 1RM for reps compared to men, because they can recruit less motor units. (source: https://www.t-nation.com/training/strength-training-for-women )

But in lifting and in any sport in general, performance has lots to do with the mind. So if she was in a very bad mood/distracted etc it certainly played (especialy if she didn’t eat)


Not my programme I definately would never write her one at my level of experience it was “Non Linear Peridization For Size And Strength” by Chris Smith.

Blame him then lel

Haha lol I honestly don’t think she was in the mindset, I used the same plan stuck at 75kg Bench and it went up to 92.5kg in 3 weeks

12 kgs in 3 weeks??? No plan can do that. Either your technique improved or decreased dramaticaly, or “you turned the switch” and figured how to make it work for you

It definately can that’s the beauty of DUP and that’s a 17.5kg increase, I worked a lot on my speed and explosiveness so yes in a way it was my technique, Back on 5/3/1 and kept that strength as for my girlfriend she hasn’t gone for her next workout which I think might be best, she can get her mindset straight and also recover.

Just a couple of things. My apologies if I’m repeating information you already know.

@ Newbie Gains

New lifters often make rapid progress. It’s not so much a sign of muscle gain. It’s a sign that you’re learning to recruit the muscle you already have. And you’re learning the movement pattern, so you become more efficient quickly.

@ Women Training Upper Body.

Sure, she can follow a simple linear progression at first, or try 5/3/1. Just know that once the newbie gain phase is over, progress on upper body strength for women is typically going to be FAR slower than for men. Women proportionately have far LESS upper body strength than their typical male counterpart of the same BW.

FYI, many women take years to get to a BW Bench. It’s often a big goal for female lifters. This depends on natural talent, but making a 5 lb jump on Bench for women begins to be a BIG deal. You will see female PLers use fractional plates. Move their bench in 1 pound increments, or focus on Rep PRs.

@ Goals for Women
Depending on her goals, it is not necessary to train the Barbell Bench Press. For a woman who wants to emphasize an hourglass shape, or loose fat? Training BP may be fun, but it’s certainly not necessary.

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How so, if she trains her chest it will make something look bigger, As her goal is to loose fat but she doesn’t listen to me telling her to do a keto very lean bulk, She’s still in Surplus that way and gets to gain SOME strength and loose SOME fat, But she also wants to build muscle and since that is easier for her to come round on doing… obviously if she looses fat she will loose her breasts which she worries about, not trying to tell my life story but we argued before and I don’t think her focus was on point I saw her flare her elbows out on the last rep so I don’t think lifting was on her mind, she is quite strong for a lady.

There are lots of exercises that train chest and tris. There are other options that are more shoulder friendly, for sure. Just pointing out the obvious, random, but since women have muscle under their breast tissue, it’s often less of a goal to have big pecs and triceps in order to create an hourglass shape.

@ Diet. There are lots of ways to go at this without getting into ketosis. I have never done a Keto diet. If her main goal is to recomp or loose fat while gaining muscle, she may want to eat at maintenance for now.

Depending on how important fat loss is, I’d establish a gradual deficit so she begins to see those results faster. The fat loss goal is all about what she eats, creating a deficit.
Edited to say: I gained about 10 pounds the first year of lifting, so a very gradual surplus, and I was really happy with my progress. BUT I was already lean, did not have fat loss goals when I started.

I don’t know how much she weighs, but a 52.5 kg or 115 pound bench is very nice, particularly if she’s just starting out, or if she’s a petite woman. Unless it’s someone into PLing, I rarely see women bench over 95 pounds in my gym.

Ha! Might wanna brush up on how male and female systems work. They aren’t all that different.

Back up a bit, and let her do something that isn’t going to further irritate her.

Could be jump rope, battle ropes, systems work that’s a bit weighted, weighted carries, etc.

If her goals are to trim down on fat, she shouldn’t really be worrying about 1rm’s whatsoever. Unless she’s a Powerlifter.

Introduce her to one of the few articles that focus on training for women on this site. Pick one, and roll with it.

Then scoot on over to the diet/nutrition articles and follow up a rough draft for her. No need to overboard.

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