girlfirend's dreams

my gf keeps having dreams about me leaving her or cheating on her… any opinions as to why she may be?


She probably suspects that you are cheating on her and wants to bring up the subject without being accused of jealously. In other words she just wants to hear how ‘silly’ she is for even having those dreams.

If it persists she has issues. Be supportive. But if the situation doesnt rectify itself dump her =) You’ve got an iceberg.


I have a dream with a different girl just about every night. And I’m married! I don’t think twice about it but that’s just me.

Is your gf’s name Grace Bennet? Sorry Sam, but you should have told her years ago about your’s and Ivy’s secret.

She is probably afraid of losing you. That only means you’re good to her.

She’s may be afraid that you ARE cheating on her, or think you are on your way out. Have you cheated or broken up with her in the past? That could be the root. Does she have problems with insecurity?

Most importantly - ARE you cheating or planning to leave??

Probably just means that she’s cheating on you and the guilt is killing her. She’s trying to use you as her justification.

A) You are cheating on her and she’s psychic.
B) You’ve cheated on her before and she’s afraid it’s happened again.
C) You’re thinking of cheating on her and she’s picking up on your subliminal clues.
D) She is cheating on you and projecting.
E) She’s cheated on you before and the guilt is killing her.
F) She’s thinking of cheating on you and is feeling you out about it.
G) She’s got insecurity issues.
H) You’re reading too much into a damn dream.

Take your pick.

You should make her dreams come true!

Welcome back, karma.

what’s an iceberg? you really think she has cheated on me? she seems concerned about me finding someone new when i go away to school this year also.

Explore the fantasy with her. Alot of people have these kinds of fantasies. Most likely there is nothing wrong.

I had the same situation with an ex-girlfriend. She is probably just insecure. Her fear is legitimate in that you are “going off to school.” This implies maintaining a long distance relationship while you will be surrounded by females your age. Try to be there for her and show your support and compassion. Jealousy sucks and having been on both ends I know compassion makes all the difference in the world.

She’s met someone that she’s wanting to hook up with in preparation for you leaving, and she’s trying to shift any guilt that she feels on to you by implying that you MAY cheat becauseshe’s been dreaming about it.

This is only my experience, and be very cautious about this as we are different people with different tastes, that when a woman accuses me of cheating she is usually doing it herself.