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Girl wants bigger ass


A friend of mine is training for a competition at the end of June. I think she looks great. Her diet is fully dialed in (really, her life revolves around eating and training) and she has a trainer managing her routine. However, she thinks that her calves and her glutes need more work than the routine she has.

I’ll be back at work tomorrow so I can search for specific articles. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Like I said, female, competition, wants perkier butt and bigger calves.

Thanks again.

Calf raises.
Doesn’t need to be complicated.

How long until the contest? She may be asking alot…

CT’s 7 Best Hamstring Exersices

Great Ass Lunges: http://t-mag.com/html/body_146short.html

Might also read the Exercises You’ve Never Tried article in the current online issue of t-mag. See Siffie lunges for calves and glutes.

Better yet, have her post butt pics on the forum. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


She needs to not train everything in isolation. Get her to squat, do some pull throughs, GHR’s, etc and tell her to get off the machines and look at her hamstrings, glutes, lower back as something that can and should be trained together.

pics will help us evaluate…

but seriously, squat squat squat.

I’m gonna need to see some pics. Preferably sans-clothes, so as to best critique and come up with a routine.

She must squat – in a real squat rack, with a real free weight bar. And squat DEEP. Period.

OMFG, I love ass.

Ericka’s got the right idea. GHR’s will develope the calves in a more from both ends, which IMO, leads to better appearance. But that opens up a whole other can or worms now, doesn’t it?

I’ve also noticed that the fitness chicks with the perkiest ass always like to do stiff leg deads.

Bigger ass:

see FAQ

Romainian deadlifts!

i, too, covet a bigger ass. now, is there any chance that someone can post a link to a site where there may be a description, including pics (i need to see examples, mere written descriptions absolutely confound me), of glute/ham raises. this is the very first i’ve ever heard of 'em, and think i really should add them to my routine.

many thanks!

Lo and behold, not 4 topics after my request, were links to exercise directories.

All set, thanks!

PS- Those were really great . . . added both to my favorites.

Stairmaster and Spinning Classes. All the people I see doing these have huge asses. :slight_smile:

Some of my girl friends last year iN HS would ask me on stuff like how to make butt bigger and nicer looking. To make it bigger is a combination of things but there are things you can do to make it look nicer and help give it illusions of looking bigger.

Main thing is squats will help to work out the whole leg structure pretty well. The main thing that needs to be done is hamstring excersises to help build a seperation from the ham and glute. Look at some pictures of Gail Devers and you’ll see it pretty well her hams are huge. Box squats will also work as well. Hope your friend gets the bootay.

Deadlifts done as per Ian King. His thoughts are that the glutes are the primary mover and that the back is more of a stabilizer.

I’ve always single leg presses with my clients as well.