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Girl trouble...

As of lately my girlfriend and I have not had problems, but it seems like we’re in a war about whose gonna call who. From a discussion about communication I realized that we’re both at the point were our pride gets the best of us. I won’t call, neither will she, it’s a race to see who gives in first.

Anyways, I need this shit to go away, I have nationals in one month and one week for boxing, and need total concentration. It sucks, I don’t need this disturbance, but I also don’t need to loose her.

Shit, one of those can’t live with them, can’t live without them type things.

Da Boxer

Call her dipshit.

I know about this stuff, boxer :slight_smile:

Dude, just call her. It ends the whole ordeal right there. If she doesn’t call you, tell her you would like it if she calls your more often. Just tell her man, no biggie.

In this situation (and in most with girls) pride is a useless and destructive thing. Its simple just call her if you feel you want to and don’t if you don’t. What you are going through is a little power struggle because whoever calls feels like they have relinquished power to the other giving them the upper hand. But rise above this and just be true to yourself and your feeling and in this respect you keep all the power because at least you are being true to yourself and if that doesn’t work then she is the wrong girl for you. Good luck!!

don’t play games, it souds like you don’t have time for that. Be the better person and call her.

call her up then fuck her in the ass.

What the fuck? Don’t you have any manners? Everybody knows that in a relationship, the guy calls, no matter what. Thats almost as concrete as opening the door for the girl. And if you’re one of those new-age idiots who doesn’t believe in gender roles then you’re gay. Plain and simple. Swallow your pride.

I second what paulybruce said. Call her, dipshit.

I’ve been playing this game for a while…just call…damn I wish I could take my own advice.

OK, I called, good conversation. Nothing big nothing special, but good communication. Thanks for the kick in the ass fellas. I hate this shit though, six months and we are at this point.

Good call though fellas,
da boxer

Don’t call her dipshit, call her something nice.

Ok, seriously, why do people feel the need to play these silly games? A relationship is not based on one-upmanship, but mutual respect.

Now before anyone thinks I am getting mushy, I am just too evil in nature for anyone to continue with games like this. Interestingly my wife has never asked if an outfit makes her look fat.

I’d call, but if she would say, “I knew you’d break down and call first.” I’d probably tell her, “Yeah, I needed some pussy.”

LOL. I guess that should have been “Call her (comma) dipshit.”

I broke up with my missus over a very similar thing, no regret, fuck i’m happy as larry now actually, not that i would suggest that to you but it showed me what she was all about. Happy when she was on the receiving end but when i needed support all she did was bitch and moan… fuckn hoe

Well i feel better now!

Ayup…call the chickie.
As a girl, let me tell you just how warm and fuzzy we get when we pick up the phone and it’s our man’s voice on the other end.

Personally, if I was having a major, important contest coming up and had to focus; I wouldn’t deal with these “games”. And it is a game. A game that will take your energy away from your focus.

So screw it. Concentrate on the task at hand. If you call, you call; if she calls, she calls. Until then, concentrate/focus.

Some may say this is a heartless thing to say and believe in. “What if this gal is the one?” Well, if she were, you wouldn’t be asking this question and these games would not be going on. Let me put it this way, if someone I really cared about had a very important meet or match closing in, I would understand where his priorities were. I wouldn’t be doin’ this shit to drive his attention elsewhere. He needs to focus to be successful. Correct?

Drop it and move on.

Yeah, Mage, Whetu and Patricia called it straight. Don’t play the fucking little games chicks play. Men bitch up one side and down the other about it but they are the ones giving in for the sake of the pussy or because of some “everyone knows the guy has to call first” bullshit.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if this wasn’t already an established relationship with an established power struggle going on the whole “manners” argument might hold a bit of validity. But “manners” have nothing to do with anything when a person is attempting to prove who’s boss by controlling aspects of the relationship.

Boxer, there seems to be a number of things going on with you and your chickie. Have you done any deep introspection as to the root of any of these issues? Why is there a power struggle? Why is the sex not all that? Why is there not the mutual respect and support a “good” relationship ought to have?

Something my uncle says holds true in a way - “Girls are dangerous until you’re 25.” (And yes, he’s my “rich uncle”. Have you ever noticed that just about everybody has one? :slight_smile:

Anyway, the age may not be 25, but it may be more of when you finally “grow up”, decide your course in life (or that 10 year portion of it), or once you’ve achieved some certain success. There was a study recently widely reported about that said that both geniuses and serial criminals do their best “work” before their mid-30s and typically before they got married. Women just bring you down. :slight_smile:

And we all know that “women weaken legs”. :slight_smile:

People, some very good info. But in all honesty I think I got a little a head of myself and thought of it as a little game. I called her we spoke and I realized what was going on without me even having to ask. I jumped to conclusion, and believe me, this girl is great. Always there for me, always helpful, I never need anything and if I do she knows it before I have to ask for it.

Since I was little I tend to overreact and stress is something I cannot control, I even took medication when I was young. Just one of my attacks, I usually keep it to myself, but this time I thought hummmm, why not seek other opinions.

thanks for the info though, I’ll definately keep it in mind if this situation becomes actual.

Da Boxer

Guys Who Play Games = Ass-ramming Homosexuals

Man, ok now…

This is getting a little stupid now, I fell victim to something I should have been prepared for and acted immaturely.

Now, Im getting a lot of feedback as if everyone knows what to do and everyone never makes mistakes. Come on now, advice and grief is one. INSULTS is another thing.

Chrism, I take that personal, I obviously played a little game from immaturity. Atleast I admit it, your remark comes as if you’ve never made a mistake, your full of shit, your words are offensive and fucken annoying. Quit being a piece of shit and realize what’s happening… I learned a lot from this post, but now Im feeling a little overwhelmed with “Know it all, Im perfect” type shit.

Da Boxer