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Girl Throws Puppies Into River


I guess there is a video of a girl throwing puppies into a river on the interwebz. Every couple of months something messed up comes to light on the interweb and we often share it here on T-Nation as "news". However, I didn't watch the video or let alone post it. Seen a couple comment videos on youtube about it. I though I would just share for people on TN. Sorry if repost.


That's very kind of you not to post the video.

I'm pissed of enough as it is just from reading the thread title.

I honestly hope the girl in the video (how old is she?) has a boyfriend that beats the living fuck out of her daily.


Get ready for a bunch of "They're just dogs" comments. Personally, I would simultaneously rape, kill, pillage, and burn anyone who would do something like that (assuming the story is legit).


post the damn video

Edit: Don't post the damn video, I searched it myself, its really sad and no matter how many times you watch it she doesn't tell you her name or where she lives so you cant find her and anal rape her


I'm sending one of my dogs to take care of this shit.


I hate this crap with a passion.

She's be in deep shit if I saw her, or anyone else, do something as despicable as this.


I only know of this old one (they now know who she is):


That is really really fucked up. As soon as she reached into the bucket for the second one I had to turn it off. I would drag that bitch into the river and dunk her under almost to the point of drowning several times if I saw that shit...wow.


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Must have been one strong dude. I heard that there was someone pounding pussy in the Southgate Mall' Victoria Secret last week...my girlfriend and I didn't notice any cats missing from the pet store when we were shopping that night...


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That is so weird why would people do that? I mean okay you don't like dogs fine then why not just donate to a shelter? Or offer to give them away.


I remember watching Wild Kingdom on Saturday nights back in the early 80s and even then, when I was 8 or 9, I thought that Perkins was frequently rough with the animals.


Man that is old... like pushing 4-6 months old maybe more.. my sense of time might be way off. But the internet got upset and found her.. and made her life difficult. Police found her and she got arrested etc.. but I think she got off with a fine then I can't remember but I don't even think she had to pay the fine

edit: they also tried to pretend like an old lady found the dogs and rescued them but they were clearly completely different dogs.. this was when people figured out who she was and were threatening her etc..


^The video I am talking about or the one posted by another person?

This happened to that guy who through the dog off the cliff and people got a hold of his information (phone numbers) and pretty much said that he should die.


Where the fuck is PETA when these things come up?

Oh yeah... they're defending sea kittens and promoting sexual abuse of vegetables.


^^ You've got a point. I wonder what PETA does about this kind of thing.


People that treat animals like that are psychotic. If they can take a life that easily with absolutely no emotion, then imagine what would happen when they get angry.


Can you please find an article talking about her arrest?

This makes me sick. I wonder if she got off with just a fine because of her gender; I'm pretty sure a man would've gotten worse. Dont' mean to stir up another argument.


She didn't get her just desserts, that's for sure:

I'd really like to know if they caught up with the fuckwit who filmed 'the fun'.