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Girl Talk's New Album All Day

For those of you that don’t know about this amazing artist.

Anyway he released his new album today and it’s amazingly sick and I highly suggest that everyone check it out you considering that you can download it for free at his website.


Anyone else listening to this? I took it for a test drive today on the way to the gym and it was eargasmic.

Dude. Killer. About halfway through right now.

I <3 Rapidshare links.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Damn, some really cool mixes on here!

Unstoppable & Night Ripper was what introduced me to Girl Talk. Decent mashups, he has a good ear.

My buddy was saying guy only had a 4GB Ipod Nano so he had to cut & mash a whole bunch of songs to make it all work.

It was funny at the time. Next time check out Girl Talk’s thank you/credits list on his stuff. They go on forever

This is awesome. I’m a big fan but didn’t know this was dropping today. Go see a concert if you can; it’s an easy/fun way to a support an artist who releases his stuff for free.

Never heard of this before, but I’m impressed.


Hes an amazing performer despite just basically noodling on a laptop. Came to my small school, got shut down, set back up in someones house and played all night just to keep the party going. Obviously having less equipment then a full band allows him to do that but I don’t know that many who would just the same.

Came out for a free show at my Uni last year. Didn’t know of him before. It’s great stuff.

WOW. I’ve never had something that within 10 seconds of listening I knew I’d enjoy. Very good stuff. I like the idea of listening to the album whole- much more of an experience and makes it more art than just music.