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Girl Squats


this is pure gold, from Jim Wendler's log over at EFS.


lets go through the list:

  1. 1/4 reps, check
  2. pussy pad on bar, check
  3. couple of your brahs standing around to give support, check
  4. gloves, 2 checks
  5. tiny hot girl totally owning you and showing you how its done...check and mate.


I never got this video until I had everything pointed out to me. I feel like an idiot.




lol, ahhh man that was awesome :slightly_smiling:


All I saw was ass.


Second that.

I had to watch it a second time. The first time I was watching the woman thinking: I wonder if they mean she is going to start a box squat, and what will her pussy pad look like?




How many reps did she do damn. Woulda been better if she went over to him after the set and flexed on his punk ass.


ya, it would have been a pretty good vid with just the petite hottie banging out some real solid squats with probably more than her bodyweight.

but the bro-tards in the distance made it better.


quite understandable...forgiven.


Maybe it's the wolf in me but all I could think about was that the sad bastards in the background totally missed the opportunity to approach and spot a hot chick because they were too busy spotting their pussy friend. They all must have the gay.


She did 10. Now I applaud anyone who squats, but really? Is it that big a deal for the video to go viral, 10 squats at 135lbs?
It's like you guys never saw a girl squat before! I'm pretty sure that the girl could give a fuck what the other guys were doing in the background, she looks pretty focused on her own training.
In closing ,big deal over nothing, and who cares what other people do in the gym.


The guy probably thought she would be impressed he was using 70 more than her.



Btw, my wife has squatted 225 for a few reps, only about 3 or 4 inches higher than her.


I have never seen a girl squat in person before. Wait. Once. But not quite to parallel. Seeing a girl squatting below parallel in my gym would be like... one of my prof's showing up to a final going, "Class is cancelled--A's for everybody!" Ain't not gonna happen anytime soon.


what is your problem? this video has hardly gone viral.

my wife can do a few reps with 225 deep with no belt, and get close to 300 with belt and wraps. I have been training for 25 plus years all over the country, and most commercial fitness centers don't have many people doing deep squats period, much less tiny girls who are doing 10 reps with well over their bodyweight.

what I do see LOTS of is a douch with a belt, pussy pad and gloves, doing 30-40% more than he should be doing 1/2-1/4 reps in the squat.

the fact that both things were happening at the same time and got caught on tape is funny to me.


This is what makes it a great video. That and the girl has a nice ass.


Well it's been plastered all over my Facebook for the past few days, here and some other web pages.
I don't have a problem, I just find a lot of guys are way easily impressed just because a girl is squatting. Yes, it's ironic there are some guys in the background doing quarter squats, but I just don't see what the fuss is about.
I squat in my commercial gym and so do about a dozen other women. The last commercial gym I went to was the same, just bigger and there was more woman squatting there (8 racks). Most that I've seen are squatting deep enough to satisfy an IPF judge. I've yet to see guys making a fuss over it, except for the occasional comment. Yes, when I put on gear people ask questions, but I find that to be normal outside a PL gym.
Sorry, just don't get it.


Yeah like diana says I think you guys are way too easily impressed. BUT I think the main point is that these guys are such massive pussies that a EVEN a lowly woman can squat better. :stuck_out_tongue: