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Girl Scout Cookies


so, tonight im working on polishing off a box of these samoa cookies (take that Berardi)

i saw some on campus today and i started thinking about how pissed off i was that i only am able to get these things once a year, and i thought i blew it this year

but my fiancee saved the day

so three cheers for coconut, caramel, a chocolate


Thin mints are the tastiest food ever.



they dont hold a candle to samoas

but you can have your opinion, and your thin mints

more coconut for me!


Frozen thin mints will kick the samoas ass any day of the week.


i see the illuMINTnatti has gotten to you too my brother.

i will fight the good fight for the common man and samoas


I'm gonna have to agree. Samoas look like someone sneezed on them. Don't forget the Tag-alongs.

Funny thing about Girl Scout cookies...they're really kind of plain and boring. If they were sold in a grocery store by a different name, I would never buy them. Yet, come late January, I go freakin' nuts for these things and order 10 boxes. Can't figure it out!


It realy is a tough call between the frozen thin mints and the samoas. Probably best to get equal mounts of both.

What about the milk though? Plain or chocolate?


Good man! Samoas are the best ones. Too bad they're loaded with trans fats :(...


dont you read T-Nation

trans fats dont cause heart disease (i think, i only skimmed the article, i mainly like to look at the pictures TC posts)

dont let the reptilian overlords convince you otherwise


I've only seen Girl Scout Cookies that came in 1 row of vanilla and 1 row of chocolate. Then again, I haven't seen a Girl Scout in 15 years.


im sorry buddy, ill pray to crom for you


I believe as of next year all girl scout cookies are going to be trans fat free


Tagalongs, they are legal crack.


Caramel Delites

That is all.


Is anyone from the Philly area that gets "Samoas" but they call them something different? I know a girl that swears in Chester they call them "caramel delights" or something to that effect...


I haven't eaten ANY Girl Scout Cookies since I was 11 years old. So, about 17 years.


I think I need to get my hands on some of those Samoas AND Thin Mints! As I recall, those 2 were my favorites. :smiley:


I am in the Philly area, have 2 older sisters that were both girl scouts, and those things have been called Caramel Delites for as long as I can remember. I can't imagine this is a regional slang thing, I clearly remember "Caramel Delites" written on the box. Not that I ever ate a whole box or anything...

I don't know what the hell this new-fangled "samoas" crap is all about...


They are no longer called samoas, it was ruled offensive. They are called caramel delights.


Haha, my box is still titled "Samoas"... I just find it weird that diff. areas have diff. names... for example, my roommate from long-island says he gets "samoas" while my coworker from Syracuse gets "caramel delights"... I also know San Diego has "Samoas"... any others?


...and what do they have against Samoans?