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Girl question

A while back there was that thing about how guys never want to get close to a stripper, is it the same way with girls? What if you (a girl) found out that your boyfriend was a stripper?

Hmm, wait…envisioning Ko, dancing about strobe lights w/a g-string on…Nah, too wierd…

Okay - I've known both male and female strippers. And I think most would agree with me that it's easy to spot a stripper. There's just a certain..hmmm..."look". My ex-husband was a bartender who's many requlars consisted of strippers. And he could always spot a stripper. Anywhoos - the male strippers I knew were "lacking" in certain cerebral areas. To say it nicely.

So it's easy for me to say that I wouldn't get near a male stripper - eeeeuwwww. I've always seen them as kinda oily/greasy, icky. I mean, to the point of NOT having a boyfriend that was a stripper also.

I’d hate it if my boyfriend was a stripper. I wouldn’t like a whole bunch of girls groping him and god knows what else. I want him all to myself…

I work in a strip club, you know live nude girls and all that. Would either of you date a guy in my line of work? Thanks in advance. outlaw

I’m not sure they hire hairy strippers grin

I don't think I'd have a problem with it, as long as we didn't have any trust issues. I trust him to go out drinking with his friends in mixed company, he could cheat just as easily there. I WOULD have a problem with people touching him, so maybe I just contradicted myself.

Oh, I don't know... would I care if some other women stared at my partner's naked body? No. Would I care if they touched him? Yup. So, realisticly, no I'd never date a stripper.

Um... yeah, you know what I mean....

No…for the same reason I listed above. Even if he wasn’t a stripper there, I wouldn’t trust the female strippers around him. One other thing: if he was around naked chicks all the time at the club he worked at, I’d always be wondering if he would be comparing my body to theirs? Does that make any sense at all? Maybe I didn’t explain it quite well enough. Anyway, I hope that you get my point.

Being a male around that kind of business for a while, most of the girls do not have trouble having or keeping boyfriends, currently I am a driver for a female escort agency and find that most women get turned off by what I do (driver/bodyguard) and lose interest in me based solely on that.