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Girl question

What’s a pap smear? I asked a girl at work & she only said I shouldn’t be asking questions like that. So I asked her again & she said it was a really uncomfortable experience, which is really vague.

A miserable yearly test. A dr scrapes some tissue cells off the cervix and then sends it to a lab where they look at them under the microscope and do other tests. It is used to detect cervical cancer, std’s etc.

A girl at work told me that you can’t go for a smear test if you are on your menstrual cycle. So how do they now what form of transport you arrive on?

Ironbabe - good answer. Drax - please leave it at that grin

similar in pain to a penis probe. ow.

I’m sorry but. Braahahahahahahahaahh. :slight_smile:

HARSH!! I’m glad I’m a guy!

…a good reason not to become a gynocologist(sp?)

If a ‘doctor’ tried touching a girlfriend of mine like that he better stomp his own ball in to save him the embarrassment of having me do it. Is it uncomfortable because some other guy is doing it or does it hurt? I’d love to give a girl a pap smear if they don’t like the way a doctor does it.

even if it was frickin brad pitt it would hurt, no matter how hot the guy (even women gyno’s perform this operation, which is weird) it still hurts like a bitch. picture an instrument similar to a frickin can opener being put in a place where it certainly never belonged and then ripping out a piece of tissue inside there. oh the thought is horrific.

Why stomp the Docs balls that procedure may save your girlfriends life!
When us blokes get a little older well need to have our prostate checked. I dont like fingers up my ass but im going to get it done if it will stop me getting cancer

you ladies ought to change gynocologists. I’ve never had one hurt.

They shouldn’t hurt unless there’s a biposy being taken. Sure, they are not on my list of ‘fun things to do’ and they are definately uncomfortable, but they shouldn’t be painful.

Funny thing is seeing how vehimently some responded to this post… I actuall know a couple women who personally get off on paps. In fact one even bought the intrument used for it for playing doctor… To each their own and all that however I would take some of the more extreme responses with a grain of salt they are all opinions. If you are so happy about being a man to avoid such discomfort then you obviously have never had an std test or a prostate exam. (again some people like them I could go without myself). Peace oh yeah and I would not ask questions like that at work. As a man it is your fault if feelings are hurt regarless of how benign the converstation. It only takes one neurotic to ruin it for the rest of humanity.

It’s “gynecologist” everyone.It’s Greek and it means “Woman’s-doctor”. Wow this is the second time I am doing this in less than a week…
Oh yeah and Pap stands for Papanikolaou who is the Greek doctor who came up with this…so ladies, you know who to blame/thank, though he’s pretty dead, right now.

My previous post about “gynecologists” and Papanikolaou was under the name G. Sorry,it’s actually GR, if that makes any difference to G or anyone else.

One of my buddies in the Navy was a doctor, and he swore that he stored his speculum in the fridge. My sweetie thinks this is true all docs.

Hey guys, before you get too sympathetic, remember that women are a different species and don’t feel pain the way we do. I remember when my dad was teaching me to fish and I worried that the hooks hurt their mouths. He told me they had different kinds of nerves there. Same with women and inside their cooters. Actually, men are thinking animals and women are, at best, a species of talking bird. The proper way to view your relationships with them is as a rhinocerous to his tick-bird.

Huck, after those comments, you CAN"T kiss my ass!

Huck - yes, men are thinking animals… you however are a boy.