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Girl Problems

I’ve been working out for a few years now and been making pretty good progress, but my problem is my success with the ladies. Basically, I’m not having any. I look at the muscle mags and see these guys with hot babes draped all over them, so I know it works for them. But for some reason it’s just not working for me. What really pisses me off is my buddy does great with the ladies, but I can bench more than him, I can curl more than him and I even have better abs. So what am I doing wrong?

Did you really think that just looking more athletic will make them come running? You can’t be serious! You still have to do all the work dude. You may turn a more heads then you are used to, but they are not going to come running and begging to hold your dick for you while you pee. You friend probably get the girls becuase he knows how to talk to him, my advise is to watch what he does and take lessons.

You do realize that those “babes” are actually paid models, right? Hell, they may not even be women.

Firsto of all the women in the magazines are paid to be there. Secondly, your friend probably gets the girl because he pays attention to her. I am far more attracted to intelligence, confidence, and wit, than bench press stats or an 8 pack.

This is a joke posting, right?
You just sit there all pretty looking and expect the girls to come running over and draped themselves over you? Next you’ll tell me that the letter in Penthouse are real. Hrumpp.

Is this a serious post? Looks are important to get that initial attention, but after that you have to have game.

Confidence, good small talk and a sense of humour are alot more important than muscles

“Don’t lift weights to get laid. It rarely increases your chances, and if it did, it’s only because you’re more confident when approaching women.” Cy Willson

“Being muscular won’t make up for the fact that you have no social skills with women and no personality.” Chris Shugart

Get the message?

How old are you anyway?

Funny to read. The #1 way to get a woman’s attention is to have a significant other. Works like a charm.

Hey - I know how you feel - I was so horny when I was a teenager I would walk up to ANY woman and grab her and ask…no beg her to have sex with me - I dont know why that never worked. I couldn’t figure it out - I mean it happens all the time on porno’s and I had a bigger dick then than they have. Weird!
Try becoming a pizza boy and if a chick answers the door just jump her - that HAS GOT TO WORK!

Jared you hit that on the head. Girls are nuts, they do come on to you more when you are with other woman.

This is because they don’t know how much you can bench. So from now on approach them everywhere and say ‘hey you have a great body, do you workout? Me too, I bench 400lbs and have a 10 inch dick…’ That should get you alot of pussy…

you have got to be fucking kidding me. there have been some pretty bad posts before, but this takes the cake. yes this is a flame, and i think “confused” typed in the wrong web address. the website he is looking for is www.tardcentral.com. holy shit go hit your head on a tree for an hour.

Be confident and not cocky. There can sometimes be a fine line, but confidence is what pulls the females. Like it was said earlier, looks get the initial, but it’s all about da game.

Guys, I’m pretty confident that this is a joke post. Just look at the ridiculous way it is written. No one on Earth thinks this way who has an IQ above say… negative 5. Of course, my apologies if this is a real situation…


Confused, you’re just not packaging the product properly. Make sure that you always wear as litle clothing as possible and stay flexed at all times, particularly your arms and lats - just like the guys in the muscle mags. This is sure to attract the “hot babes” like a magnet. As soon as they drape themselves over you, make sure that the first thing you tell them is how much you can bench and curl.

I am sure you just have a broke ass grill!!