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Girl Power: Gotta Watch This Video!


Check out this awesome video of my good friend displaying some amazing pulling power. She climbs a 30 foot rope with no legs.....with ease! There's more too.......




Is she a climber? That's very impressive and I envy her body.


I betcha she can do some damage with those hammies too.


She's not a climber, just an amazing athlete that trains her ass off. The hammies are pretty impressive also. I've seen the girl squat 225 lbs for 10 reps. She obviously could have went a little lower, but it was still pretty dam impressive. I'll get some more videos up soon!


Is there really anything hotter in the gym, than a strong girl who can kill it at pull-ups? Just my opinion.


Two hot guys snogging. That's definitely hotter. In fact, if any nice chaps want to pose for such a photo on TILF, you'd make my day.


for cal :wink:




I'll definitely pass on the 2 guys going at it....but let me correct my previous statement. I guess any girl who can throw some weight around in the weight room is hot by my standards! There's enough sausage running around the weight room floor. More women please!