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Girl Offers Sex for Bieber Tickets





Let's kill two birds with one stone and have our way with Bieber's sweet wet vagina.


I've run the algorithms, and I believe the negatives do still outweigh the positives by a wide margin.


The only negative I see here is that she didn't post a picture. How do we know if she even lifts?


My sleuth skills tell me she resides in Australia (-10 points right off the bat), she has very poor and generic dirty-talk skills (-15 points, maybe -20 in some of the more creative circles), she goes on about her perky bojangles and big wet purple cabbage, but she's very reserved about the quality of her brown eye, who knows if it's even worth it to put a pink 9-iron up her marmite motorway? (-5 for lack of clarity). And of course she's eighteen but is one of those that missed the boat on womanly endeavours and is still eating out of the teenage girl trough (-15 for commonality, +5 back for being easier to please.) Also she's leaving herself open to multiple prospects (-15 for bad social media reasoning and slutiness, +5 for admirable entrepreneurship skills). Also no picture (-5 because I don't want to be too hard on her/him/it/unit).

So if we tally the negatives, we're looking at between -55 to -60 points.

The positives are that she is young but old enough for most countries (+10 for travel vagina), blonde (only +5 for unreliable stereotyping), isn't too fussy with dirty acts in the bedroom (+15 for good all-around availability) and knows how to market herself well to a mass male audience (+10 for feminine wiles).

Comes out here at +40.

At best we're looking at a -15. It's very uncommon for a -15 to in fact lift...so -20.


his meet and greet tickets are going for upwards of $1400 on ebay!

-considering in Vegas you can have many well known pornstars for $800, she'd better have a pussy that cures cancer.


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Yeah he needs to go to school


I grew up in Adelaide. Small world.

I'd kick her back doors in, in exchange for a bieber 'ticket' I hastily created on MS Word


18 year old women don't type like that.

Older men looking to do some rapin' do though.


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He's still sore


You don't get sore when you're doing the rapin'. Or so I hear.


My friends sister gave bieber a blowjob

She spit his cum in a cup and brought it out to her group of friends then they all liked it

Ive since given her the BBC and she dont want no more JB


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That can't be real. That can't be fucking real.

Sex for a fucking Justin Bieber's ticket???? Really??

I'd like to meet her. I'll fucking slap her wet pussay with my 14 inches dildo till she begs for mercy. I won't pay her for the service.

She may as well try to contact one of those Saudi Arabian princes and defecate in their mouth. They pay big bucks for that kinda shit.



I've missed you, you motherfucker.


Cuz me and spar went to a JB concert a couple weeks ago.


I wasn't lifting at the time and you just wouldn't stop squirming


Squirming? I was trying to escape that backwards bear crawl maneuver you pulled.

Makes Kelly Wells look like a wallflower!