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Girl Lost a Leg to Save Her Sister


A 9-year old girl pushed her 5-year old sister out of the way of an oncoming truck, taking the brunt of the impact, suffering two broken legs (one of which could not be saved), a broken neck, a lost kidney and a damaged spleen. Her sister would likely not have made it had she been hit.


What an awesome sister.


What a brave little girl. I hope she recovers well from her injuries.


if we can make a robotic hand... im sure they can do a robotic foot.


Awesome story! Best wishes to that family.


nice story. asian reporter was terrible though


The Touch Bionic hand featured in that Cracked article is about triple the price and one third as function as this one: (please forgive the German techno)

No truly bionic feet are available yet, but there are a couple microprocessor ones which regulate dorsi/plantar flexion.


^ Cool. The guy tied his shoes with bionic hand.


That's so awesome!

I'd try to push Kheaslim out of the way of a truck but I feel like I wouldn't be strong enough to move him


How tragic. And what a awesome little girl, prayers to the family.


Heros come in all shapes, sizes, and at any age.......best wishes.


The older sister just ensured that she will be the spoiled one in the family for the rest of time.


Atleast she deserves it..


What a badass story to tell everyone. This girl is gonna own life