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Girl Can't Jump, Replacement for Box Jumps?

I want do the 10 week Hard Body Training for Women program but I have an achilles injury and can’t jump, well its more the landing thats the issue :slight_smile:

Is there anything I can do instead of the box jumps etc.

How bad is the injury? This program is pretty lower body intensive and it could make matter worse event with good substitutions

Thanks for the reply. My physio said I had torn the attachments on the medial side, I can stretch, squat, do standing calf raises no problem and I can ride my mountain bike, I cannot run or jump and land on it at the moment but it is getting better very slowly, I injured it 6 months ago. The physio said it would take a long time to heal.

I don’t like to answer injury related questions, especially when the injury is still a problem. If I give you an advice and it makes the matter worse, I look like an idiot and could even be sued. Which is why I actually NEVER answer injury related questions without working live with the person. Sorry

Fair enough, I’ll keep going to physio and doing stuff that does not cause pain then start when its full healed, it is frustrating having an injury.