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Girl & Bikes

Im thinking about buying a motorcycle as a Christmas gift for myself in 2008 since my car will be paid off next month.

How many of you are avid riders and do you ride with your wife?

Do you attend any of the annual bike rallies?

I grew up on dirt bikes, 3-wheelers (remember those! ha) and now that Im older will occassionally hop on my brother or nephew’s quad runner.

The look of the crotch rocket is very appealing along with it’s speed and agility, however, not so sure about practicality due to the posture on my back.

What’s your take???

Just two words for you…

Get one.

I loved my gixxer from last summer. I got 157bhp which to many car drivers doesn’t sound much but oh, when it’s all fed through one wheel…!

Maybe an R1 next year but I really enjoyed a trip out on a Firestorm SP2 a few months ago so I could be tempted down that route.

As far as ride comfort goes it depends if you want to chew up miles or corners. I manage about 200 miles until numb bum hits unless I’m on the twisties in which case my arse is hardly in the seat.

Ren, Is that a picture of the bike you own??? Holy cow that is sweet!

[quote]BodyBldgBabe wrote:
Ren, Is that a picture of the bike you own??? Holy cow that is sweet!

It’s the ride I had last year. I sold it recently. I don’t tend to ride anything that powerful in the UK during the winter.

I only ride for the hell of it and in the winter months I don’t get much chance anyway so I tend to tax and ride them for 6-8 months a year and stick with my cars during the colder months. The bike would just be sat in my garage losing value so I usually get shut and buy a new machine in the spring.

An internet buddy of mine purchased this bike this summer and he LOVES it!!!