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Girl Beats Up Boyfriend on Train


at what point is "it ok"? At least stand up and protect yourself.



It's always okay to defend yourself.


The real question is when is it okay for the women to hit the guy (assuming its not okay for the guy to hit the women). Or to be more inclusive, when is domestic violence okay?


What is it with English trains?

Eh, he's a ginger.


It's never okay.

Unless you're defending yourself. No one is defending themselves in this video.


Man! :frowning:

No one stepped in to defend him either. I mean at least another woman could have stepped in, maybe not a man but... I don't know.

I think he could have tried to at least stop her from hitting him.

I think this vid would get her in trouble though. She's an idiot.

edit not just stupid but crazy too.


From what I can see she is kind of cute; so getting beaten is ok so long as there is sex afterwards.


Yep she's attacking him.


She deserves to get punched on the tits for this.

Doesn't matter if it's female to male violence or male to female violence that's assault and should be treated accordingly


Yeah, did you watch it to the end. The cops had trouble cuffing her.



Man, the beating that the English language is taking via the bystanders is a worse offense.

Sounds like they had their tongues slit.



What I don't get is that if it was a man beating a woman the entire train would of bum rushed the guy, and I'm sure all of them would have tried to get their licks in on him. However, in this case it is a woman beating a man and not one person does a damn thing. Like wouldn't a good sumaritan atleast step in and try to stop this?


Restraining a person without hurting them or getting hurt in the process is harder than it looks.

The guy could have defended himself if he wanted to.


Train was on stop and the cops were notified before the vid started - one of the women behind the camera says they're going to be late for work.


No kidding.

What kind of trouble is she going to be in?

I mean he could do the typical abused SO thing and not press charges but she was attacking the cops a bit there and resisting arrest.

Hopefully they didn't have any kids.


I was thinking the same thing too. I don't know the English laws, but they must have something for resisting arrest.

They can use this as an audition tape for the Jeremy Kyle show.


That fucking animal/CUNT belongs in JAIL. If this CUNT does not get jail time, I swear to fucking you know who that I'm going to write letters and picket the fucking court house. If a man did that, he'd get his ass beat by the cops. This bitch committed a continuous prolonged assault on her BF, then assaulted the Police. If she doesn't get jail time, something is seriously fucking wrong with the system (as if there isn't right?).

On, and LOL @ the dumb bird talking about she's going to be late for work. The River Line has a top speed of about 35mph. It's not exactly an efficient commuter line.

And yes, to paraphrase Chris Rock, he shoulda shook the shit outta her.


Fuck this double standard shit. If someone was trying to harm me (and was actually capable of doing so) I sure as fuck wouldnt just sit there waiting for it to happen. I dont care if they're a cripple, female, or child.


"Alyounes was charged with resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, domestic violence assault and disorderly conduct."

And a citizens complaint by me for being a fucking asshole which is a felony on my property.


Turns out its not England. The only surprise is that the BF didn't attack the cops at the end. That would've been great.