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Girl Attempts To Sleep With 100,000 Men


Who says he only fucked one at a time? He was the Great Khan, after all.

If I were the Great Khan, and I was all done with the day's pillaging, I would expect there to be five or six fresh local girls in my yurt that night, and every night thereafter.


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I think his reproductive success can be better explained by him siring a few dozend sons who them themselves were rather succesful, because money and violence.


Meh, she has The look of a quitter. She will stop counting around 5000 and take the first porn contract that comes her way for another 1000. Then will write a book it.


Fidel Castro is an old communist fart who can't do shit without his propaganda machine. The claim of 35,000 was based on one of his underlings claiming he has had 2 different women every day for 40+ years or so (a logistically impossible task, never mind the fact his health has been extremely bad for the last decade).

So yeah, Wilt Chamberlain is prolly the only believable top score.

Anyone know Ghengis Khan's number.


I dont know how many women Ghengis had but I know he enjoyed seeing thousands of young girls throw themselves off a city wall once. When you have that sort of outlook on life your number will skyrocket.


She’s nasty. I’m thinking this is just a stunt to gain followers


Well that’s one way to deal with not being able to get to sleep


All she has to do is organize a 1,000 dude gangbang once a week for 2 years.

Totally doable.


I suppose the fact she even wants to do it sort of lends credence to the-probably correct- view that women want sex as much as men do. The idea that they don’t is a ruse designed to get them laid. And it works.


LOL That belief may or may not be true, I’m not sure but one thing I am sure of is that belief will do nothing to get a guy laid. If a guy is looking to get some and he’s got the attitude she wants it just as much as me, he’s more likely to end up in jail than in nook.


By the way, very few people will even have sex 10,000 times in there entire lives. Maybe no one has ever had sex 100,000 times. There’s no chance this chick will have sex with 100,000 different people.


To further make my point (and because I like to talk about my prowess), I have sex nearly every day. I’ve had sex 3 times in the last 26 hours and if my wife doesn’t get out of bed soon it’s going to be four times. I still doubt I will get to ten thousand in my life.


im crying with laughter at my work desk right now


Point of order: is it still a party if nobody comes?


Just the type of girl you wanna take home to mom.