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Girl Attempts To Sleep With 100,000 Men


That's the way I remember it.


Hey what the hell kind of cuckold stays with a chick wbo says this? I mean shit have some self respect and tell her you never want see her or talk to her again. don't "come to terms" with it. doormat.


I don't care how challenging or not it is, it's revolting who ever does it.


Just a gratuitous public service announcement for all North American English speakers out there who may have been confused by the Australian usage of the word "torch"* on another thread.

Steven is not saying that he has insufficient gluteal development. He is saying that he doesn't have a vagina.

  • "Torch" = "flashlight".

One imagines, therefore, that the Fleshlight would be marketed in the Commonwealth as the FannyTorch.


Mebbe, but on the girls part there is little to no impulse control, on the guys part, at least he goes aggresively after what he wants and he has the social smarts to pull it off.


Sorry dude, but I don't care how you want to spin it. Both are equally fucked in the head and devoid of virtue.


Her high school guidance counselor must be laughing.


Blasphemy. Push has sex after every post he makes on T-Nation.




(Granted, it's usually with himself....)

And I will bet any amount of money that Genghis Khan had sex with 100,000 women in his long and illustrious career. Knocked up a goodly number of them on multiple continents, too: DNA does not lie. Of course, most of his "partners" were likely screaming and trying to escape throughout their "lovemaking", but hey, it still counts.


Mebbe, but he is not devoid of skills, she demonstrates none.


Yeah your point was clear the first time. But is still a dumb one to make.


How are men better in this szenario?

Also, the point is perfectly valid.

If you take someone out with a sniper rifle from 3 km away vs walking up to him and putting a bullet in his head you have basically done the same thing from a moral perspevtive, but the first is whoa! and the second is meh....


That's what I presumed.


it's no fun unless she screams and tries to escape


To hit 100,000 Genghis would have had to make love to 4 different women every day for 70 years.


In all fairness, this is the internet and this is Get a Life where making dumb points is practically a competition.

Edit: See one post up.


I'm 99.99% sure I carry his seed.


True, but it depends on how serious you are taking yourself when making these dumb posts whether you laugh or say wtf are you on about??


It's the solipsism that makes you think that way, though, Deb. Bless your goofy little heart, you don't even feel any cognitive dissonance over it!


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Orion: Do you have a woman in your life?