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Girl Attempts To Sleep With 100,000 Men



'It's a visual which her boyfriend is "not thrilled" about, telling Polish website Fakt.pl he "had to come to terms" with it.'


Imagine having sex with her is like opening a window and shagging the night!


Google pulls some far more unflattering photos of her, by far. I imagine she will make some waves on this sex adventure of hers, but it demoralises me to think how much she'll actually get through.


Crikey, just had a look there.

Has a face like a painters radio.


Yeah, she's no Snow White. I wonder how destroyed she will be physically after all of this, not just the egregious amount of sex but also the inevitable diseases.


Yeah, I imagine her vag will look like a hippo yawning


Honestly doesn't even sound fun


She'd get along great with my ex.


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lol - I can't believe she has a boyfriend.

I bet she barely has sex with him.


I doubt she'll even got to ten thousand. She won't come anywhere near 100,000.


Super, who doesn't love a good old STD epidemic? Her parents must be so proud!


At least she has goals.


She will literally need a team to organise a major gangbang for her in every city she visits if she wants to come anywhere near completing her goals. Of course her main goal is just to get freebee trips to all the worlds major tourist sites.



Even if she bangs 20 a week, she can barely do a 1000 a year?


My money's on her downing a gallon of bleach somewhere between guy 3000 and guy 5000.


this...she'll basically turn herself into a bio weapon


She can be her own Polak joke:

How many Polak whores does it take to bang 100,000 losers?

Just one!


She better prove that.

I say she will falter at a mere 5k.


Now that's funny.

I'm getting my house painted right now by a team of Mexican painters, who indeed have a radio, and I can personally attest to the aptitude of this simile. Spot on (no pun intended)!


I dunno. Is this a lifetime quest or is she giving herself a set period in which to accomplish this dubious feat?

I'm sure there are a few old worn out whores in Eastern Europe who have suprassed the 100,000 mark, in terms of times on the mattress if not different clients.