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Girl advice

Hello folks,

I was with this girl for a few weeks, we cuddled and held hands some, etc. Recently she had been avoiding me, and she said she “wasnt ready for a relationship” and shes writing her ex.
Ive never been in a relationship before , but now she doesnt talk to me anymore, basiclly ignores me.

Any advice?

not sure what happened

Don’t waste your time.

She’s stuck on her ex. Forget about her.

How old are you? This sounds like a high school type question.

She’s playing games. Don’t waste your time. I had it done to me also.

There are sooooo many girls! Move on and keep looking until you find another. I told you before…there are going to be lots of girls/women in your life. You will learn something from each experience.

Happy to hear there was a first!!


Show her you’re a t-man and go kick the ex’s ass…that should do it

she’s stuck on her ex, stop wasting time, to hell with her and move on.
Even if you really like her, move on, cause obviously if she really liked you she wouldn’t be treating you this way. If she really does like you and treats you this way then she is a psycho and not worth even trying to be with.
My synopsis of this situation, since it has happened to me many times is this:
Women in general have very low self esteem and a terrible lack of confidence in their looks (all t-vixens excluded of course). What happened with this chick is that her last boyfriend either dumped her cause she is a psycho, or cheated on her cause she is a pyscho, or left her cause he found a psycho with bigger jugs.
Either way she is stuck on him for the very same reason she is not stuck on you. You want to be with her and he does not. For that large majority of women out there who have no self esteem this rejection absolutely fascinates them. “how could I guy not want me, I am a pretty girl, that’s impossible?” is what she is saying to herself. So to make herself feel better she dumps on a good guy like you who probably treats her right and is cool to her. Now that fragile self esteem of hers has gone up a few notches cause she instantly feels she has power over you, and in her pathetic warped world that feels good to her.
Now the weight is on you my friend cause there are two types of nice guys. There are the nice guys who let girls walk all over them which you will become if you continue to take interest in her. This type of nice guy is the antithesis of all that a t-man is.
Then there is the type of nice guy that personifies the t-man, he’ll run into a burning building to save orphans, he will help a buddy in the gym for hours to get his program and dieting right. He opens doors for ladies, and plays with children. But he also has self respect and is nobody’s fool. If you go back to this girl you are not being a t-man. Move on and find some girl who is not a pyscho and who appreciates you for who you are. Good luck.

Guys like us are in a great position for things like this since we look better than the average guy. Forget the bitch and get another. There are SO many girls out there, and guys that take care of themselves tend to get more than our fair share.

There is not a bitch that can’t be replaced.

hump her best friend!

Try it after a divorce, takes a while to convince yourself you arenot a worthless shit, eiven if it was never true and especially if your ex- or should I say if you let your self become spineless, there are a ton of chicks most psycho, especially to “nice” guys, isn’t there are a class or something to teach a nice guy to be more than a “nice”,guy, without being a total asshole. anybody want to start a thread for divorced guys

I agree with Daox. She’s stuck on her ex. My girlfriend of one year was stuck on her ex and I still get fucked up about it but Im stuck with her now even though I love her but am not “in love” with her sometimes as a direct result of her idiocy. If you get into a relationship like that she will cling to you for the wrong reasons. You’ll get hurt cause she’ll compare you to him. It’s not worth the pain, in fact, she might cause you more pain than happiness in the long run. Forget about her.

start hijack

Another thing about women. Never forget they need us far more than we need them.

Doubting Thomases, look at the cosmetic industrys figures. Whos the main cash cow? Who need who`s attention of others to give their sense of self a meaning?

Not to sound mysogynistic, but lets face it: a strong man with a <i>balanced</i> life does not <i>need</i> a woman at start, except for sex and love. And even then you wont die if you go for some time without either one. Eventually, that love thing creeps up the Maslow pyramid, but you can do quite some mileage and time before having that to bother your mind.

Don`t worry, pheminists (not, not a spelling error, go see on google). I have heard the exact same thing coming from some women, too. Specially single moms and divorced ones.

I think they really hate the other sex more. They need us more than we need them. They most probably know it. Must be instinctual. Should that be so, they can`t change a thing about it. But finding a culprit relieves the pain. Hence the bitching.

end hijack

DAN C, you’re right. Men don’t really need love. We don’t need friends to let go to. We have too much balls for that. All we need to know how to do is use a computer, and boss people if we do that well for years.

Tell her to beat it

CLINTPATTY: I think you missed the point here. There’s a line between plusses and needs. Thin line in some cases, but line nevertheless.

And I never talked about friends. Besides, how many men have REAL female friends?

Dan C,

Let me give you a hug ((Dan C)).

Sounds like you could use one! Even though it is coming from a Divorced Single Mom.

MAIDEN: Hugs accepted.

Sorry for the fragile eyes and ears here. I am rather venomous on some subjects this week.

You probably acted sissy-like, and too clingy. That’s why women give the “I need space” line.

You’re on the wrong ladder, buddy.