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Gipsy Kings


Just been getting into these guys. If i like this, what else would i like? please recommend.



I don't know, what else DO you like?


i mean stuff similar. of that genre. dont really know much about it.


Paco Delucia

Juan Serrano

Django Reinhardt

Johnny Clegg


they do the song from the big lebowski! i don't speak Spanish but i love that version of the song




Gypsy Kings rock!


Not completely similar, but think you'd like some Thievery Corporation


I have been to 2 Gypsy Kings concerts, and must say that they put on one hell of a good show. You will see people dancing in their seats and in the aisles. Good stuff.


You'd probably like that Gabrielle y Garcia duo...or something like that...it's all instrumental, but awesome guitar playing.




Hotel California. That's the thing, i've no idea what they are saying in their songs, and im not sure i wanna know. Sounds beautiful, but could be some cheesy bollox for all i know.


will give it a whirl. i actually really like the way the Gypsy Kings sing.


They are awesome. I like that I don't know what they're saying...I get lots of music in languages I can't understand.


They are talented for sure, they have a huge following for a reason. If you want a fun concert, I recommend seeing them.


Gotan Project

They are French Argentinian

Also check out a group called Tango Jointz


I saw them a few months ago. Great show! As Max said, everyone was dancing. I had a great time.


Like the band, or ACTUAL gypsy kings?

In the gypsy community, the fattest person is the leader of the group. Are you leaving T-Nation for bigguts or fantasy feeders?


Rodrgio y Gabrielle was the group I was thinking of earlier.


I've never been a fan.

One time I ordered a 2 CD set of a particular band, and the company accidentally sent me the Gipsy Kings set. I contacted the company about returning and exchanging for the band I actually ordered, and they said I could keep the Kings' set!

I never listened to it but instead gave it to my neighbor who LOVES the Kings.