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I was reading an article about Ginseng Panax root extract and it was about how ginseng was immune boosting, helped you live longer and how it was muscle building. I thought to myself, how is this muscle building? This is what it read under muscle building

Ginseng contains several steroid compound, including panaxtriol. The steroid components contained in Ginseng are very simular to anabloic steroids found naturally in the human body. This makes ginseng root ideal for athletes looking for a safe, natural alternative to anabolic steroid use.

Can any one explain this.

I think any suggestion that it’s a muscle-builder is complete and utter bullshit. It is known as an adaptogen, meaning it supposedly helps to boost your immune system.

A few weeks back, T-Nation also had an article (one of the ones where there are a bunch of true factoids/stories and one false one, and you’re supposed to guess which one is false) which explained that panax ginseng was found in a study to help erectile function in men over time.

Other than that, I don’t think it does much – certainly not in terms of building muscle, anyway.

I agree with D, it’s not an anabolic substance. It is purely an adaptogen.

I had one person explain that it increases the oxygen in the blood which acts as a blood doping effect to allow you to train harder and longer.

I thought it was b.s. but I tried two caps (believe they were Herbalife brand of all places, lol) but wow, 2 was almost too strong. I was able to lift stronger and longer without feeling tired.

But I crashed big time after and never used it again. Who knows if what the bottle’s ingredients said were in there.