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Hey Guyz!

I searched the site but didn't find anything usefull.

Anybody here take ginseng or have taken it? For what reason did you take it and was it helpful? What type did you take Asian, American, etc.?

Anyone else with any knowlegde please chime in. I'm trying to figure if this stuff is worth investing in, guy at the gym swears it gives him lots of energy through out the day.





awesome. i also have considered taking this because i can not STAND coffee and unfortunately Spike didnt affect me like it did others. im one of the very few unlucky ones :frowning: i also have difficulty remembering things as result from a major accident i was in a few years ago. i noticed when drinking energy drinks with lots of ginseng, i was able to concentrate and retain more information.


Ginseng simply binds to some of the stress receptor sites in your body which helps your body not overreact as much to the chronic stresses of life. It also somehow allows your body to process more oxygen. Both of these characteristics allow you to feel more energized w/o actually robbing your body of future stores of blood sugar, etc. like caffeine. It's a relatively subtle effect and not one that Westerners, who generally like quite the bang for their buck, are that fond of...