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Ginroth's Training Log

June 2nd 2008

14 years old, around 55 kilograms, 165 CM tall. Today was my first day lifting, I’ve been doing a lot of bodyweight training up until now. I only have access to a set of dumbbells which go up to 20 kg


Dips: 8 reps
Pull ups: 12 or 1+40 pounds
Chin ups: 16 or 1+40 pounds
Pistol Squat: 16kg
Squat: at least 40kg
Deadlift: at least 40kg
Bench: 30kg

Maintain weight, but drop fat and build muscle, trying to become as fast and nimble as possible for parkour.

I usually eat 3 paleo meals a day, goes something like this:
Breakfast: 3 omega-3 eggs or apple+carrot+raisins in a bowl with cinnamon
Lunch: Turkey breast+celery+carrots+lettuce
Snack: an apple or some cottage cheese+flax seed
Dinner: depends what my mom makes, usually Steak/Chicken with plenty of nice healthy veg (broccoli/spinach etc)

My routine goes something like this

Monday: Lower
Tuesday: Upper body and Cardio
Wednesday: Plyometrics+Cardio/HIIT (Whatever I feel up for really)
Thursday: Lower
Friday: Upper body and cardio
Saturday: Some cardio/HIIT/parkour or rest day depending how I’m feeling
Sunday: Some cardio/HIIT/parkour or rest day depending how I’m feeling

Today was a lower day and this is what I did
Pistol Squats 3x2 with an 8kg dumbbell in each hand
DB straight leg Deadlift: 3x5 with 20kg dumbbell in each hand
Bulgarian Split Squat: 5x5 with a 10kg dumbbell in each hand
Single leg calf raise: 2x10 with 25kg in one hand
I’m still trying to think of another hamstring exercise to add into the end of the workout

Breakfast: 3 omega-3 egg ommelette…yummy

Lunch: Turkey salad

Afternoon Snack: Cottage cheese and flax seed

Dinner: Chili con Carne with red kidney beans

Today was a rest day, from now on I plan to add 30-45 minutes of steady state cardio to boost the fat loss just that little bit more