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Gingrich 2012. Thoughts?


Looked around and didn't see anything started on this yet so figured I would throw it up here.

story on Fox news

and just so nobody can say I just worship at the alter of fox, from MSNBC




It seems to me that his best chance at the Presidency was in his "Contract With America" days.

I'm unsure about his chances now.



I'm very sure about his chances, he has none.

  1. Granted he was a high profile Congressman (Speaker Of The House), but Congressmen do not get elected to the Presidency. The base of people who have voted for him in the past is tiny. A Congressman being elected to the Presidency has happened only once in the history of the US, and it was a long time ago.

  2. He left his former post as Congressman in disgrace. No one remembers that right now, but the press will bring it up if it even looks like he has a chance to be the nominee.

  3. Poor speaking voice, and his grey hair image will only hurt him.

  4. He is perceived as partisan and that would automatically prevent him from drawing independents and conservative democrats.

I won't say that he has the worst chance to become President as long as Ron Paul is in the race. But it is a very long shot. In fact, I don't even see the republican nominee being interested in him for the VP spot. He has absolutely no redeeming value for the republican party as a candidate for the Presidency.


"Gingrich 2012. Thoughts?"

Just another tyrant out of the machine. Next...




You are a master of the superficial.

How about the fact that he has no clear principles that he is unelectable?



He doesn't stand a chance, but he is a policy-wonk that will help shape the substance of the debates. Disagree with him or not, he's a very bright guy who can add value to the debate - but he'll never be president.


Do people really vote on principles?


I tend to think he'd be a bad candidate, but he would utterly manhandle Obama in the debates. I mean as in Custer's last stand, shock and awe, good night Irene annihilate. Obama would be standing there drawn, quartered and filleted while Newt just looked at him with that condescending smirk he gets. That would be worth seeing.


You are detached from the people Lifty. What did the voters know about Obama prior to electing him to the Presidency? Hope and Change. That was all. As I've repeatedly said, most polls show that people do not even begin paying attention to the Presidential election until after Labor Day. That means that most see the person running, hear him speak do a quick check on what he wants to do (hint the less said the better such as hope and change) and then make a very emotional decision based on just a few things.

Gingrich won't win and most likely won't even finish strong if he even stays the course. He is unelectable to such an office, regardless of his principals.

Try not to get politics mixed up with governing.


I'm not so sure about that either. But even if he did what does that really mean?


Maybe: those that do tend to vote on misguided principles. But you are right, the American Voter seems to prefer good teeth and expensive suits...so yeah, whatever.


Nothing. Just like every campaign and every debate I've ever seen. I knew exactly what I thought of every candidate before any of that happened. Campaigns are painfully superficial and the debates bump one guy or another for about a half hour. All I'm saying is that it would be fun to see Gingrich spank the schoolboy's little pink bottom in front of the whole world. You can't possibly doubt that would happen. The former speaker of the house would pulverize him.


I immediately remembered that he left office under a cloud (ethics violations wans't it?)

This would automatically turn him off to me as a candidate, but do you think this will start to draw out the more "serious" contenders?

The only reason I can see for starting his campaign this early is to build whatever momentum he can since he knows he has an uphill climb.

HIs speaking tone also used to drive me nuts, but the man can beat a dead horse pretty good.


Some of us do.


I know but sadly the number seems to be growing ever smaller.


It's unfortunate but many people don't even know what their principals are. And those people are very susceptable to campaign slogans like "Hope and change." And that's one reason why presentation skills and how a candidate looks are so very important.


Exit polling bears this out. People, women more than men (I can't help it) will vote for somebody because they have what amounts to a groovy impression of them or not.


Too much of this