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Gingko Headaches?


anybody else get headaches from gingko biloba? Correct if i'm wrong, but isn't this the reason it was removed from Power Drive??


I did and it's been reported within the literature.

While I don't know that it was the sole reason it was removed from Power Drive, it was a contributing factor.

The few times I tried ginseng in my life, it caused terrible headaches.


Strange how one thing effects a person one way, and affects another person totally different. I can take ginko all day without the slightest problem, and in fact, i like the effect. But if i take Spike, I get headaches....Too bad ginko sucks compared to Spike, alas is life....


That's how I feel with Splenda. Oh, why Low-Carb Grow! has to have it. Thankfully I can get away with a few servings of Low-Carb Grow! a day. But if I threw in a few more or a diet soda, my brain goes haywire. Much like aspartame as well. My body doesnt like those no calorie sweetners too much.

Any truth to aspartame rotting holes in your brain? I always thought that was a scare tactic.


Weird. I got a monster headache the first time I used Power Drive, but haven't had one since, so I can't attribute it to the Power Drive. I bought mine in July, so I wonder if I got the newer one or not. I have to look when I get home.



well, the headache i get form gingko is unlike an other headahce i get....it's in the front of my melon (whcih is where gingko is supposed to stimulate blood flow), and is almsot like a migraine, but with the naseua or any other effects.


thanks for the info...i'll try to do a more thorough search and see what i can find.


cycobushmaster is right about the increased vasodialtion as the mechanism of headache. Ginkgo also stimulates peripheral blood flow and has some other interesting effects. It's one of the few herbs that really interest me.

One thing that should be noted: when looking at dose of ginkgo, be sure to check whether the supplement is a simple leaf product or is a standardized extract. I expect most readers here already know this but it's worth mentioning.


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