Anybody looking for an easy boost to their workout should hook this up. I took Gingko in the morning and then both Gs about an hour before lifting plus a big espresso(in Italy) right before and had crazy energy. Also, if you’re looking for a good laugh check out the 'Roids and your Dick’and the’Cocochlate’posts. That shit’s classic.

It was the expresso. While Ginko and Glutamine may offer other benefits, neither are stimulants.

Oh, and yes, the “Cocochlate” thread is funny, if you like making fun of people who don’t speak English. Grow up.

alright dude wtf is a cocokolath???

sounds gay as hell.

not that there is anything wrong with that.

That shit was funny Davo. Making fun of people who don’t speak english is not funny, but learning any new language is. For example, I’m in Italy right now and the other day my boss was asking me in a heavy Italian accent, “What is this “steady pussy”?” He doesn’t speak english that well and that was fucking funny too. Similarly whenever I say “Figata” which means Fucking Awesome more or less, but literally translates to Great Pussy(figa being the actually word pussy), everybody cracks up, cause I don’t speak Italian fluently but it’s fun to joke around with what I do know. Y’all need to lighten the fuck up. Oh yeah, and the espresso is standard.