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I have just finished reading the book by Ori Hofmekler, “the Warrior Diet,” in which he raves about the herb GINGER. I was wondering if anyone has used this? also, what amounts are used? it’s hard to measure as it is a powder in a small bottle, like cinnamon? He suggests 200mg-500mg per serving, but how is this measured?

Da Boxer

I’ve never read the book you’re referring to, but I have used ginger - particularly during ‘cutting’ phases. Basically, I just use it as a topping (along with cayenne pepper) on my omlets… Seemed to help with fat loss just because of the whole thermogenic effect (although I really can’t be certain). In any event, I like the taste, so even if it doesn’t add up to a single ounce of fat loss, I always use ginger during my trimming phases anyway…

I’d say that actually measuring the stuff out would be a waste of time. - Rather, just use as much as you can without turning your omlet into a gag-fest.

I use fresh ginger and honey as a pre-meal digestive aid from time to time. It seem to work very well. I this this idea from an Indian Health system.
Best of Luck.

I see! The omelett idea does sound interesting and worth trying. As for digestive aid? had no idea it assisted in that situation.
Nonetheless, thanks for the feedback, and very useful info.

Da Boxer

Ginger is often used to settle peoples stomachs. I would use fresh, rather than powdered however.

Make a big protien shake and take ginger with it. You won’t have any of the bloat at all, it’s quite amazing.

Try fresh or pickled ginger instead of powder or pills, as both forms are much more palatable. Personally, I use fresh ginger and add it to just about every curry I make. Simply delicious!

I love the pickled ginger from Japanese restaurants!

Very well, fresh ginger it is! Exactly where would I find it? In the produce section?
Just don’t wanna go into a grocery store and look for it for an hour. Thanks so far people, I appreciate the feedback. I tried the powder the other day with coffee and my green tea as Ori Hofmekler recommends, and crap was it annoying, a bitter and strong warm tingly sensation down my throat.

Da Boxer

We get them at a local asain food market. Its usually in the Fresh vegtable section. Ginger has a lot of benfits. All though it does have a bitter taste to it…

Boxer_Al, you can’t take too much ginger. It can be used as a spice for flavoring or as an herb to influence bodily functions. In India it’s not uncommon to find people using 10g or more per day. Since it is a hot/spicy herb, if you want to take higher dosages, I’d recommend capsules.

Just so you’re aware, ginger root is cholinergic, meaning that it antagonizes the effects of adrenergic stimulation. In other words, it would work against an ECA stack.

Tampa-Terry, hummmmm very interesting. I had no idea. Thanks a lot for the info. Exactly how does it work against a thermogenic?

Da Boxer

Produce section is where you will find it. Peeling the skin will eliminate the some of the bitterness.

Boxer_Al, the adrenergic nervous system serves the body in times of stress; i.e., fight or flight. ECA stacks “stimulate” or are an agonist of the adrenergic nervous system. However, when stress passes, the cholinergic nervous system kicks in and attempts to restore equilibrium to the body, including the nerves, glands and muscles. Ginger root used in times of stress would, therefore, tend to offset the nerve-racking effects of that stress, helping to calm the system and inhibit that “pins and needles” feeling or a “nervous” stomach.

I read once that pickled ginger promotes stomach cancer? Is this true?

Ginger I believe does not promote cancer. I believe it does the opposite I think it prevents cancer… Tampa-Terry correct me if I am wrong.

Fitone, cancer is EXTREMELY complex, as you know. But since inflammation is ONE of the mechanisms which is PRO-cancer and since ginger is anti-inflammatory, one could deduce that by that ONE mechanism alone, ginger is cancer protective. It is definitely does not promote cancer.

It’s not the ginger in respect to possible stomach cancer…it’s the pickling…high consumption of pickled type preserved foods is correlated with higher risk of stomach cancer…eat fresh or dried ginger…and avoid excessive consumption of pickled foods.

One note of caution to the ladies – even though it would seem to make sense to use ginger when pregnant to help settle the stomach, it has been linked to a higher incidence of miscarriage.

Brider, that’s interesting, but not one I’ve heard before. What’s your source on that?