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Gina Carano Loses


Carano lost by a TKO in the first round by Gina Santos. Damn. I am shocked. I expected her to win, or at least a drawn out match.


Didnt surprise me at all. Cyborg is just a beast.....and incredibly sexy in a real fuckd up sort of way...

But i digress. Delighted with this result.


I'm surprised they stopped the fight with a second left in the round. I'm sure Carano could have handled that extra second.


Carano is so hawt. Cyborg has a HUGE neck.


I awoke with the news of Carano's defeat and a mean hangover.

Both still hurt.


I am a big fan of Gina's and dissapointed with this....but it won't be the last match between them. Maybe Strikefore can actually drug test Cristiane Santos for the next one(sour grapes I know, but there is something jacked up about her body comp and facial appearance. HGH?)


I would think they would have tested them both this time, but they were in CA not Vegas. Anyone know for sure if they tested or not?



You must not be familiar with CSAC. They are strict as hell.


women's fight are weaksauce


Yeah,cause we all are well aware of your expertise on fighting and violence.


They were tested (I am just pissy about Gina losing), But they don't test for HGH. I have heard more than whispers that Santos use's HGH. True? I don't know


First off, I want to say that I'm no fight expert, that being said, that fight was boring as hell. Cyborg should have won, she looked like Nicole Bass. Gina, please don't fight anymore, sooner or later the ref won't step in as fast to save the one hope strikeforce has of making it in MMA.


Well,the truth will come out eventually.....


Cyborg hit her with HOW MANY unanswered blows? He kept it going longer than most fights with male fighters go in that situation.


doesn't matter if they tested, some fast acting steroids clear your system in a few days. There are no known tests for detecting hgh use. The only way they would catch her if she is careless or stupid.


Did you actually watch the whole fight? Hear the crowd roaring? You have two awesome female fighters giving it there all, that's far from weaksauce you idiot.

Like many here I enjoyed the fight, yet seemed like Carano was just to overwhelmed. She's so used to being the agressor. Well I for one want to see a rematch. You know what they say, sometimes you have to feel utter defeat, to come back stronger in some cases.

It was obvious, Santos trained harder and was just hungry as fuck. Gina was just like all over and like blah!


I would love to console Gina following her loss, there is something about a woman who can kick your ass that is pretty sexy.


The ref is not looking at the clock, he is watching the fight, he stops it when he sees that the fighter is done he didn't know there was only 1sec on the clock.


Hawtness means shit when she's up against a bigger, better fighter. This is Women's MMA, not a beauty contest.