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Gina Carano ESPN the Magazine Cover

id suck a fart out her ass and hold it like a bong hit…shes soo hot.

[quote]Big_Boss wrote:
From the same issue. There are five other covers outside of Gina’s. …supposed to go on sale on Friday.[/quote]

The cover pic looks way better, but she’d still catch the business like no other.

Oh my jesus fuck!

The mag goes on sale tomorrow, somebody buy it and scan it

Nice leg spread!

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
rasturai wrote:
I hope she does a photoshoot with playboy someday…damn.

you mean a photoshop with playboy

haha yeah i guess :frowning:
fuck it man I’m just gonna become SO good at fighting she gonna wanna meet me :)!

do you think she can beat a guy at fighting like rasturai?

man i love gina, ill let her beat me up haha. for real she could definately take out quite a few men out in a fight.

[quote]motherofpearl wrote:
do you think she can beat a guy at fighting like rasturai?[/quote]

no. Boys beat girls . period

and I dont like her tom-boy face

Men are dying out there, we need the blasted scans, now!!

She actually looks better…WITH clothes on…