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Gimme A Great Whey Protein Powder


Hey folks. Looking for a whey protein powder that does the job, healthy, no hidden crap, no soy if possible. Also, decently budget friendly. What ya got?


Metabolic Drive

Gets the job done :white_check_mark:
Healthy… maybe
No hidden crap… don’t know, don’t care
Buidget friendly… you get what you pay for

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Check Amazon


Walk into a nutrition store and ask for “close dated” items. I’ve gotten protein for as low as 5 bucks for a 2lb container because it was about to expire


My Protein Impact Whey. It’s even affordable in China


I’d support the site you’re on when possible


Metabolic Drive.

Which job in particular? Workout shake or between meal protein-boost?


Well, kinda both of possible. I make a protein shake in the morning with powder, a banana, tbsp peanut butter, avocado, and unsweetened coconut milk. Then I drink one post workout with just unsweetened coconut milk and powder. Thanks


I’m kicking myself for not having tried this.


I’ve done this at GNC in the past. Haven’t tried it in a while.


I’ve been doing it since I first heard you could do it in 2007/2008

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Myprotein, tastes great and is the most affordable protein I’ve found

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