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Gimme a Effin Break Lady


Really? A lawsuit?

I guess the cop didn't look like Tom Brady. She sounds hot though. I like her name. I might look her up and send her a brief note.

"Hi, I'm Steve. I was walking by your apartment the other night and noticed you hadn't closed the shades..."


What is the problem? He used his position to get personal information. Fuck that guy, for what he did and for failing.


A law suit; maybe not. However, creepy, stalkery use of information should at least have him reported to his employer for using their resources to get laid. Being a cop is only partially relevent. If I were to go through our customer database to show up at a customers home or vehicle to ask for a date, my employer would be UNHAPPY.


How right you were BG


It never ends well in these scenarios.


Not my type but I guess everyone's got a market.


i don't know what the US is like but up here it's quite illegal to use info from your job for things like that, especially if you fall under FOIP which a police officer does. He should definitely be reprimanded and to be honest i can't fault her for the lawsuit.


Yeah right. The 'you gotta respect my privacy' type is talking to the Associated Press and smiling for the camera.


This kind of reminds me of when Arnold was stepping outside of his marriage. When did stupid-risk-taking-to-go after-homely-ass-woman become a fetish?

Dude was clearly abusing his position and should lose his job, but what the hell was he thinking haha?


dudes just trying to find love in this crazy world....

haha just kidding.


as usual, interesting topic BG. not sure what side of this I fall on, was it inappropriate and unprofessional, ya, maybe, lawsuit? come on, really?


HER privacy.

For her to use as she sees fit.


My initial reaction was that it was a cool gesture.

After more thought, yeah its pretty creepy. He should have got an indication of interest during the traffic stop. Then its he said, she said and if she's interested, he lets her off with a warning. Cops - never truly understanding how to properly abuse their authority.


Idiotic, at least. He did nothing wrong. He found a woman attractive and he did anything that he could to get in touch with her. In fairytales, it's heroism. In reality is stalking? Come on people, it's not like he stood under her apartment all day long or anything. Just a harmless notice.


She was probably trying to flirt her way out of the ticket and he took it the wrong way. Although if that ^^ creature tried to flirt with me I'd be more repulsed than aroused.


This would be creepy even if he wasn't a cop. If I knew a girl from somewhere, say class or something, and looked up her address online to leave a note without already knowing her decently well, it would be creepy as hell. It's just the whole "you don't really know me but I know where you sleep" aspect that's screwy.

Plus, the dude met her in a situation that could very well imply abuse of power. He could have pulled her over just to force a meeting or something to that effect. From the details given in the note, he seems like just a nice guy who made a stupid decision and I'm not saying he DID pull any bullshit like that. But the fact remains that he made one creepy gesture and it opens the door to speculation. It's just uncomfortable to think that someone with the authority of an officer could be a little bit deranged.

But like I said, IMHO he just sounds like a nice guy who did something silly without thinking it through. Just blind-contacting someone like that always runs the risk of coming off as creepy, but he could have just looked up a phone number online and made a call while seeming about half as stalkery lol.


Back in the late 70s, my uncle pulled a woman over for speeding. He issued her a ticket, and because he thought she was cute, put his phone number on the back.

She ended up paying the ticket AND marrying him.

I suppose the difference here is that he had the stones to ask her out in person, and not to creep her info at a later time.


yes, yes and no.

you "get it".

btw is that really a picture of the woman?? i'd maybe risk my job for someone that looked like your wife :slightly_smiling: but not that cow LOL.



You get the blow job BEFORE you write the ticket!!!


Guys, the difference between "creepy" and "romantic" is just like in the Tom Brady skit. Be attractive. Be good looking. Don't be unattractive.

If she likes you, it's not "creepy". End of story.