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Gilynn's Review on Pea Protein


I just picked up a tub of this stuff and i was pretty excited because i've heard really great things about it.

Normally I take egg protein but i had to return it today because it smelled and tasted rotten. I figured pea would be fun to try since im allergic to whey and need to find alternatives.


It tastes HORRIBLE. The normal 8 to 10 oz of water isn't enough. This stuff is like a sponge.
The vanilla flavoring smells good but you cant taste any of it. I put two scoops in about 10 oz of water like i normally do with my egg shakes and it turned to paste. So i added more water and took a few gulps. The aftertaste is so horrible i actually gagged.

The only benefit is this stuff is about $10 cheaper than my regular egg stuff but the only reason is there is less flavoring to mask the horrific taste of pea. Im trying to take 1 scoop pea 1 scoop egg to mask it but its not very effective and the texture is just horrible


thanks man. never tried it because i just always assumed the worst. sound like the worst is true


ya the guy at GNC said nobody has ever bought it....they were the smart ones. Anyone know of any GOOD alternatives to whey?


Jon Barron advertises to a combination pea/rice protein (pea lacks sulphur containing aminoacids, I think), says it contains all aminoacids,tastes good etc




im looking for something fast as a snack post workout, i dont think steak fits into that catagory lol

Im gonna try blending some diff powders to see if i can get it to where its tolerable


I concur... Last year I created a protein super mix of some fast and mostly slow acting for an mrp/snack, using pea as a 40% base= POISON. It tastes just horrible, doesn't mix well. However, it's very satisfying and makes me feel great!

/I still have a fair amount of it left...


Have you tried Hemp protein?


Are you allergic to small peptide chains derived from whey or casein as well?


If you're looking for something post workout, are you also allergic to casein hydrolysate? If so, try some Surge. If that is too expensive, use gatorade powder and some BCAA's mixed in water PWO.


idk what it is exactly davinci but i always got a irritated throat when i drank milk and then one day bought some isopure. I had one gulp and my throat nearly closed completely and i started vomiting, then i passed out for about 16 hours. Ill never take whey again.

Ill try the gatoraide and bcaa though i have plenty of that, thanks.

And hemp is what ill be trying next week, ill let you guys know how that goes as well.


Jerky would be much more convenient, and arguably as tasty.


Soy, milk, egg.

I would stick to egg personally - Egg albumin is an excellent source of protein.


I <3 jerky. But its pretty high in sodium....much more convenient though.


holy shit, you went anaphylactic from isopure, that's a scary incident. soy protein may be worth a try, i hear so many different viewpoints on it, and they seem to shift every few months, so maybe give it a try. I'd vote for egg to though


ya, scary shit, i really thought i would die. I usually take egg protien but that last batch i bought tasted rotten


I have used Pea Protein from Douglas Labs for almost a year. They have two flavors--Chocolate almond and Vanilla and they are both delicious! This company is not a typical muscle-building supplement company. Its made by pharmacists. Do a google search for it and you should be able to find a site that sells it.


sodium in jerky isn't a problem, especially after a workout. what prevents me from consuming copious quantities of jerky is the MSG found in the majority of brands.


thanks a lot rehab because this stuff i bought should only be given to people you hate