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Gilynns 4 day split

Just wondering what you guys think of this

Monday Quads/ Shoulders and Traps

Squats 5x5
Leg Press 4x8
Single Leg Extensions 3x8

Hang Clean and press 4x6
Upright Rows 4x8
Behind the Back Shrugs 4x8 (haney shrugs?)

Tuesday Back/ Biceps

Pullups sets of 6 until failure
Lat pulldowns 3x8
Iron Cross on a freemotion machine…kinda hard for me to explain 3x8
Cable Rows 4x8
Bent over BB rows palms facing up 2x8

Curls 4x6
21’s 3 sets

Thursday Chest/Tri

Flat DB press 5x5
Incline DB press 5x5
Incline cable flies 3x8 and 1 set of 12 using rest pause

Dips 4x10
Decline Skullcrushers 4x6

Friday Hams/calves/grip
Romanian Deadlift 5x5
Hamstring curls 4x8
Standing Calf Raise 3x12
Seated calf raise 4x20? The weight doesnt go too high on the machine :frowning:
Farmers walk 2x100 (each step is a rep

Just wondering what you think of it, im trying to focus more on strength right now than size. I kinda figure size will follow once i change to a routine with reps of 12 instead of the 5x5. I really like to work legs but i feel like if i squat and deadlift on the same day i cant get the most out of it.