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Gila Monster Spit for Fat Loss

I just heard that they found out that injecting Gila Monster spit can help to lower one’s blood sugar. This is great news for diabetics and, of course, people who want to lose fat!

Anyone heard of this? Any thoughts?

I knew those ugly little fuckers had to be good for something.

 Well interesting if true. Where the hell did you find this one Jeff?

They should put a warning on this. I can just see some idiot out in the desert trying to get bit by a gila monster.

Next will be a komodo dragon.

It was on hotmail,I think or was it yahoo. I was going to post it. But Rage beat me to it. :wink:

I heard about it on a talk show on the radio.

I wonder how they came up with this? How did someone get the spit into their bloodstream, and why did they think to take their blood sugar reading? :D)

Maybe we should have a disclaimer, don’t try this at home! Gila Monsters are poisonous.


gila monster spit is lethal if a bite is not treated. That’s like saying “let’s go lick a komodo dragon’s teeth and see if it lowers my blood sugar”

This is as odd as ‘let’s inject botulism into our forheads and see if the wrinkles go away’

Who thinks up this stuff???

I guess the new medical trend is find good uses ofr stuff that would normally kil you, i.e. Botox, Gila Monster spit(which is just disturbing)

Saw a thing on Ripleys last year where people were using bee stings as a type of chemical acupuncture. Taking live honeybees, holding them over the persons back, arms, etc, and get the things to sting and leave the stinger in for a while. Supposedly the bee venom was good for arthritis and chronic pain problems.

Maybe there shouldn’t be a warning on this. We could let a few people die, helping out the gene pool.

Ok, that was rude. Sorry if it was offensive to anyone related to someone who let a poisonous lizard bite them and die… er. Yeah.

Next thing you know you have a poor soul making out with a Gila Monster and contending it helps him stay lean.

There’s a bar here in Columbus called Adobe Gila’s. A waitress told me that the gila will often wander into bars in Mexico and bite an unsuspecting patron. I was in plenty of Mexican bars and saw no such thing. WTF?

So how does the venom in its natural state work to harm humans? Maybe it is beneficial when slightly modified, such as a toxin minus the organism that produces it.

It’s not venom, it’s a festering mass of half-digested meat mixed with bacteria in the beast’s saliva.

airborne is correct. The same with komodo’s. It’s not their “venom”, because they don’t have any, but the bacteria that resides in their mouth. This is why when a komodo will bite a victim, then just follow the scent for a few days.

Scrub - that’s total bullshit. Very rarely does a Gila Bite happen. It’s even rarer for it to be in a bar. Geez.