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Gigli bombs!!!

That train wreck of a movie ‘Gigli’ was a complete failure.$3.8 million…bwahahahahahahaha!!! I’m so sick of the ‘Ben and Jen’ hype.That should knock those fuckers down a notch or two.

I thought the movie was funny except for the lame ass ending.


You paid hard earned money to see that crap? Tell me there was pussy involved.

Hear hear Mr Law.

Yo, did anybody see that episode of South Park when Cartman paints a little J-lo like face on his hand and sings the song tacco flavored kisses

Let’s make a run for the border
If you pay I’ll take off my top
You know what I’m gonna order
Two tacco a burrito and a soda pop
Nothings is as delicious as my taco flavored kisses

Ben Affleck falls in love with Cartman’s hand and he end’s up spooging all over his hand. FUCKING HILARIOUS!