Started a second cycle today. Just thought I would throw it out. I’m blast and cruise, on TRT, 6’1" and 188 pounds, and 51 years old.

My first cycle was eight weeks of Test Cyp at 400mg per week and Mast P at 50mg EOD for the first four weeks. My weight did not change but my body fat went down about six percent, from 17 percent to 11 percent. I ate pretty good but not enough, I lifted hard but could have been more intense.

This time, I plan to eat more and lift more. I plan on doing this:

Week 1-8 450 of Test Cyp
Week 4-8 30 mg of Dianabol ED

I plan on taking .25 of adex e3d.

I am on TRT so no need for PCT.

Simple cycle, I know, plan to eat well and hit the gym hard.

Feel free to comment, will keep you updated.

The Myth

Out of curiosity what made you decide to only go with 8 weeks?

Shorter cycles have less negative impact on health. Here’s a thread:
Steroids for Health - Short Cycles - Pharma - Forums - T Nation.

I’m not saying it’s true, but it is a part of my thought process.